"no bootable image found" if restart, but starting from shutdown is fine

Hi there. If I try to restart my HP Eliteboook 8770w, I get a “no bootable image found, notebook will be shutdown” error message. After it shuts down, I turn it back on and it boots up fine. If I choose to shut it down, it boots up fine - only happens when I try to restart/reboot.

I’m running a dual boot Manjaro XFCE and Windows 10, and it happens when I restart from either OS.

The disk is just a few weeks old, so don’t think there’s an error with the disk itself. It was also happening with previous disk before I upgraded to this new larger disk.

Any suggestions?

I did some searching and some seem to recommend resetting BIOS settings to default. I did that, but the issue persists. Still seeking assistance.

Hi @troypiggo

That issue seems to be not related to Manjaro but your BIOS/UEFI firmware settings.

I’d say you might need to check your firmware settings.

Check if there is a new firmware update available for your system as well.

@linux-aarhus made a great thread that explains the firmware settings required for Manjaro and Dual Booting. Check it out:

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Thanks mate. I’ll check it out.

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