No Bluetooth Found

Today I restarted my laptop (I didn’t mess around with it or changed anything, not even updating) and my bluetooth stopped working.

The GUI says:
No Bluetooth Found
Plug in a dongle to use bluetooth

Feel free to ask me any questions about my system or to run testing commands.

inxi -Fazy

No bluetooth detected there.

lsmod | grep -E 'blue|bt'
rfkill list all

Also please check that it has not been disabled in BIOS or by some sort of switch or key combination.

Maybe this will help:

command 1 had no output
command 2 output:
command 3: not found

ill check bios and let you know

Apparently Disourse’s magical refresh isn’t working. Did you see my post above?

It would seem you dont have any bluetooth modules running and are missing the bluez-utils package … all of which I would expect for … using bluetooth.

pacman -Qs blue

wow shutting down and turning it on back again actually worked XD!!

but do you know what is causing this glitch???

No idea. :man_shrugging:

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