No auto-login after removing Plymouth

New Install with Manjaro 20.2 Gnome medium on old EFI-Machine. Everything o.K.
Then I removed the installed Plymouth.
Afterwards there was no autologin possible.
Solution was:
Installed SystemdGenie and masked the 3 services “plymouth*”
Auto-login worked after (preemptive) re-installing kernels.
(warning about missing hooks plymouth* ignored).
Then I deleted the 3 plymouth services - and auto-login still worked…

You need to remove the entres in /etc/mkinitcpio.conf - you also need to replace the plymouth shims of the display manager.

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Thank you.
If the un-install routine of “plymouth-x” could do that, it would be done, I presume?! Is it a feature or a bug?

you need to manually check your display-manager - it is not automatic

$ systemctl list-unit-files | grep plymouth
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