No audio coming out Motherboard

Hello everyone! I have been using Manjaro for a few months now and one thing I can't seem to solve is how to get sound of out my motherboard's audio jack. The audio works fine on Windows and I can get sound if I connect my USB headphones but I can't seem to get it out of my motherboard.I have updated the BIOS on my motherboard and I have all the lastest updates on Manjaro (assuming it had to do with something on that end). My motherboard is a ASRock AB350 PRO4.

Thank you!

check pulseaudio settings and see what the default output is. if you have a graphics card with an HDMI monitor attached it may be incorrectly sending audio over HDMI through that card as the primary output.

I switched around my default output to make sure it was on line out and there was still no sound. I can get sound from the front jacks of my computer.

audio codec for this motherboard (Realtek ALC892) may have a kernel fix for HD audio:

Fix invalid 0x15 / 0x16 pins

checked this recently for another AsRock motherboard with a microphone problem
was not relevant there as pin numbers related to rear Speaker and Line Out

echo 'options snd_hda_intel model=asrock-mobo' | sudo tee --append /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf

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I did not find my motherboard on there. My mic works perfectly fine, it's a UBS mic.

ALSA kernel fixups are listed by audio codec models not motherboards
AsRock publish audio codec models in motherboard specifications

kernel fix was mentioned on other thread but was not relevant for microphone issues

alsa-info data from other user showed

Node 0x15 = Line Out at Ext
Node 0x16 = Speaker at Ext Rear

and i found another ALC892 'alsa-info' in browser history for another AsRock board
0x15 and 0x16 have same function on there too

so if you were to post url from --upload i expect it to confirm same functionality of Node 0x15 and 0x16 pins

if kernel fix did not work, would still need to confirm pin connections for using hdajackretask

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