No application icons in taskbar anymore

Updated a few days ago and then changed XCFE themes. Since I changed themes the icons from individual problems running have disappeared from the taskbar.

Before, next to the volume icon and date I would have icons for running programs (like discord, dropbox, steam, etc.)

Now they are not present.

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You seem to be missing the Notification Area Panel Item. Check in Panel Preferences > Items.


I have the same problem i think

@Fires You might not be able to see the icons, but in your case they’re still there, they’re just nearly the same color as the panel. That’s a different issue from what the OP has. Try changing your Icon theme to Papirus-Dark-Maia (you might need to log out and log back in for all icons to be changed). If that doesn’t work, please open a new thread.

Thank you

Interesting. I tried loading that but because I thought Dropbox was loaded and did not see the icon I assumed that was not the panel piece I needed.

Thank you.

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