No access to Hard Drive partitions after Update

Did you set your keymaps properly in



Your udisks deamon seems somehow borked.

What udisks2 package do you have installed?


I’ve never touched that file. What does that have to do with access to HD partitions anyway?

udisks2 2.6.4-1 is installed.

udisks2-elogind 2.1.8-2 is not installed.

Install it.


I’m waiting for the Internet connection to be available again. I would use the Hotspot of the iPhone 3GS I have but that’s another problem with the OS. Recognition of my camera in Thunar is also broken as well as for the iPhone even though they appear in the output for lsusb.

See if this helps Openrc and Elogind Permissions Problem?

For iphones I believe you need to be a member of the usbmux group

@Artoo [system] Activated service ‘org.freedesktop.UDisks2’ failed: Cannot launch daemon, file not found or permissions invalid[system]

Udisks2 upstream source contain a bug on the file data/ line 9), the variable @udisksprivdir@\ on sed command are not correctly set, must be @udisksdprivdir@. a patch or a sed need to be apply on this file before the build function.
This is make the file usr/share/dbus-1/system-services/org.freedesktop.UDisks2.service unusable and give the error on the log.

This is fix the bug on KDE too about notifications and dolphin mount trouble.

Is this being looked at or is it not correct? Though on my cinnamon openrc setup I cant see the udisksctl running either and bash says it doesn’t exist. @artoo @philm

What udisks2 package? Default udisks2 or udisks2-elogind?
I apparently can’t confirm any mount problems with udisks2-elogind.

Udisks2-elogind has a udisksctl file which I assumed you could access from bash perhaps I’m wrong as bash says it does not exist. I must admit I have no clear idea how udisks2-elogind works or is supposed to work or which one post #26 is talking about.

i’m talk about udisks2 from as upstream source with the 2.6.4 as version.

The rectification doesn’t concern service maked for systemd because the variables is correctly set on the data/ for it. But if you use another service manager instead of systemd, the variables to set the path to find the daemon is not set correctly for the file org.freedesktop.UDisks2.service.
Without recitification of the data/ the file will appear as it :

[D-BUS Service]

obviously this is not good, the file need to be :

[D-BUS Service]

the commit 283e9093d541b8de0ecca324fde8fd38b560dc8e at fix the trouble.

hope i’am clear and that it’s help…

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I see, I still haven’t updated udisks2-elogind to 2.6.4, thanks for the warning.

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My bash problem is fixed with your update to udisks2-elogind today many thanks.

Hi @obarun

I do not know why it hasn’t installed udisks2.elogind in my system but your post has solved the problem with the version of udisks2 2.6.4-1 editing the file org.freedesktop.UDisks2.service and changing the line of “Exec”: Exec=/usr/lib/udisks2/udisksd --no-debug


Hi @artoo

I have a simple question: Why i need install udisks2-elogind?, which is the difference between two packages?.

I have my system completely updated with elogind installed and running.

Yes, i need manually update in console: erase consolekit, install networkmanager and run update but the update didn’t install udisks2-elogind.


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