Night screen colors in multimonitor setup issue

I noticed that on Wayland, when I have two monitors and there is a night, my laptop screen changes colors accordingly to settings, but the secondary monitor stays unchanged.

This creates a very vivid and annoying contrast between monitors.

I wanted to ask, can someone confirm this issue or maybe this is only on my hardware? If this is a general issue, I will submit a bug.

Thank you

Michał Dybczak

External monitor is connected to Nvidia?

It’s also mentioned in known limitations

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Thanks for the links.

No, external monitor is not connected to Nvidia and runs on Intel (hybrid mode), so it should still work. Hmm…

Just to be sure, I’ll switch to Intel mode in the evening and test if it made any difference. In theory, optimus-manager should not work in Wayland but… it does since some time :man_shrugging:.