Nicotine (should be on Internet app menu)

Nicotine is a p2p file-sharing app and when installed should go to the Internet menu and not Multimedia.

The package description calls it a music-sharing application, which is a far narrower purpose than generic file-sharing apps.

But that said, you can always edit your menu and move the app to a different section. :slight_smile:


and to add what @Aragorn said… the Desktop file come from nicotine+ ŝource.
then it should be reported to them directly.
Arch don’t change anything about it.


Then the description is wrong because you can share any file, although the Soulseek network is more know because of music.
Also, being a p2p app makes totally sense to be on Internet menu, just like a torrent client or aMule.

It still doesnt matter … the desktop file comes from the nicotine people … this is how they define it

If you disagree or think its a bug … you can report it to them if you like.


I just reported and it may come in the next update fixed. :slight_smile:


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