Nice Wallpapers

Hii Everyone! Here are some wallpapers, I want to share with the community.


They look nice but are they your creations to share? The last certainly isn't so I suspect the others are not either. If not (that includes modifying someone elses image) then sharing them in showcase isn't really what the showcase for 'your original wallpapers' is for.

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I've had this wallpaper on my PC since Dec. 2016. It is labeled: 1st Place - Francisco Negroni Rodriquez (Chile).

@micsim35, IIRC I d/l'd this image as part of a wallpaper collection. IMHO, the poster is sharing some he/she/it collected. "They" did not state they were their own artwork--but they are pretty. I agree re Showcase.



Hmm, @jonathon wrote :

About the Showcase category
Created something for or with Manjaro? Show if off here.
Please remember you should have permission to post it here (either licensed or under “fair use”) and follow any required attribution requirements.

From About the Wallpaper category :


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