NFS borked in Kernel 5.17.1-3

Not sure if anyone else is using NFS on 5.17.1-3 but I cannot mount an NFS share using this kernel. Returning to 5.16 resolves the problem.

I see 5.17.2-2 coming in now. That was a fast update. I will test that and report back.

This is a false alarm. Looks like the kernel is for the Testing branch.

Will wait until a new 5.17 kernel is available.

You can check which kernel version each branch has via: Manjaro - Branch Compare. Changes made to that kernel series is seen here: Commits · master · Packages / Core / linux517 · GitLab. See also here: FS#74272 : [linux] NFS 4.2 mount regression with 5.17.1 kernel. It is reported that 5.18.0-rc1 included a fix, which might get also applied to 5.17 series.

Thanks for the update!