nextcloud, opera, kwallet and bspwm

everything works OK under plasma
1 opera saves passwords in kdewallet if used in plasma but save passwords on itself if used under bspwm

2 nextcloud auto login if used under plasma but not under bspwm


what service needs to be started under bspwm to get this running?

i suspect kwalletd5 is the issue

kwalletd5: Checking for pam module
Lacking a socket, pipe: 0, env:0
qt5ct: using qt5ct plugin

any ideas?

Are these on the same installation, or do you have kde edition and bspwm edition installed separately? Have you installed qt5ct?

yes same install, the base is KDE and then bspwm (not bspwm-manjaro) added on top

Have you installed qt5ct?


Okay, I would try to research the output of sudo ps_memin your plasma session and your plasma autostart directory. The answer is likely in one of them.

Is this originally bspwm edition or kde edition?

kde edition

Maybe this will help to grasp some ideas

You need to start some KDE related services to make use of the kwallet ...

so far is strange for me because under antergos i only had to start kwalletd5 and nothing more

Note that if you use that and are coming from bspwm edition, this will cause following changes:

  1. your ~/.config/bspwm/autostart will not be sourced. You can move its contents to ~/.config/bspwm/bspwmrc or add a line there to source it if you want it.
  2. sxhkd will use your default sheik instead of dash. Plus it won't be autostarted, so either setup your keybindings with kde or autostart sxhkd yourself

Have you any polkit agent running?


i used this to start it

i think i "solved" the problem but i dont think this is a real solution

i went over my antergos backup and noticed that on backup/.local/shared there is a folder keyrings that is the folder for gnome keyring :confused: i dint remember installing that but if is there i did install it, then i copied that on the next install and then install gnome keyring and nextcloud is working


the opera issue still remains tho, opera and google chrome store the passwords inside not on kwallet or gnome keyring, looks like only nextcloud does that if the session is bspwm, if the session is KDE opera does store passwords on kwallet

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