Nextcloud icon disappeared after hiding/unhiding of the bar

When I start my i3-session the nextcloud-client is started too and the icon is showing up in the bar. But when the laptop is going into suspension or hibernation and then wakes up again, the nextcloud-icon is gone. The process is still running as I can see with a simple pgrep -fa nextcloud When this process is killed and I start the client again, the icon is back.
No other of the icons in the bar disappeares on wake up from suspend or hibernate.
Someone else having this issue?

How do you have that line in i3 config, to autostart nextcloud, and where did you add it?
Best is to be under the line # Autostart applications
If you restart i3(after wake up from suspend/hibernate) by pressing Meta+Shift+r is the icon reloaded as if when



exec --no-startup-id /usr/bin/nextcloud

and its just in the place you suggested. Do you think I should use exec_always? But that doesn’t make sense, because the problem is not that the process is disabled or killed. As I already wrote, it’s running. I can see that syncing is working. If I add something to my nextcloud-server from my phone it’s in the right folder on my laptop in a matter of seconds.

No it isn’t. It reappears first when I kill nextcloud and start it again.

That is correct as it is, but try this instead:
exec_always --no-startup-id /usr/bin/nextcloud
If it still doesn’t work from wake from suspend try again with

Sorry for late answering! Health is nothing anyone can garantee…

I did test it. The exec_always option only lead to opening of the preferences window of the nextcloud-client when re-reading i3’s config file as you suggested and otherwise still no icon unless I killed the process and started a new.

Now I found an entirely new trace: The issue is not waking up from suspension, but hiding and then unhiding of the bar. I use to hide the i3bar as long as I don’t need it. So everytime I did re-read the i3-config the bar got hidden and when it appeared again the icon was gone. Now I commented the line mode hide in the config and the nextcloud icon stays in place when pressing $mod+Shift+r. When I then hide/unhide the bar the icon is gone again. The only reason I thought it was just waking up from suspension/hibernation was that it often was just when I went home, opened my laptop and wanted to see if there happend something in my nextcloud I looked at the bar and the icon.
To be clear once more, it’s only the nextcloud icon that’s gone all the time. All others are staying.

I have the same problem. It happens to nextcloud and copyq icons. The both disappear when I refresh i3 and also when I connect my additional screens.

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