Nextcloud Dolphin sync checkmarks and integration

Hello everyone,
i just arrived at Manjora, coming from over 10 years of Debian.

i am looking to get nextcloud sync checkmarks for dolphin on manjaro.
in other distros like Debian there are (official) file manager packages like “dolphin-nextcloud” “nautilus-nextcloud” or "nextcloud-client-dolphin"etc. which are interacting with the (official) nextcloud appimage/package. even in KDE in debian it is possible to generate share links etc. directly in dolphin in the nextcloud folder :-/

I couldnt find anything about the dolphin-nextcloud package and i am not aware of any reason why those checkmarks wouldnt be available in arch/manjaro.

Is there any way to get those sync checkmarks in dolphin for nextcloud?


Ok, i found out that its integrated in “nextcloud-client-cloudproviders” and with manjaro i need to install the nextcloud client from the manjaro official repo and not through nextcloud (appimage)

so problem solved - sorry for the trouble, i leave the thread as it is for others with similar questions.

Solved it is

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