Nextcloud Dolphin Integration

Hello, I recently set up a nextcloud serverand would like to integrate it into my dolphin file manager on KDE so that it shows up under remote. However, it’s telling me that I can’t connect to the server, the connection has been refused. Even though I can connect to it just fine using the desktop app and in a web browser.

I took a look at this post and installed nextcloud-client I installed the nextcloud client from the manjaro official repo but it still doesn’t let me connect from dolphin.

There are two ways to connect to nextcloud:

  1. Use the nextcloud client to sync the folders to your hard drive. Dolphin knows that these folders are synced and shows the sync state in the icons. I think that this is the setup that your referenced post talks about.
  2. Access the server through Dolphin’s remote functionality. Adding a new connection is not done in Dolphin itself but via online accounts in the KDE system settings.

I was able to add the online account in the KDE system settings. But I still don’t see my files under Dolphin’s remote tab. I get the same message telling me that the “connection has been refused.”