Nextcloud Client does not start anymore - only after several attempts

Since some update the last days, myy nextcloud-client (official from repositories) does not start automatically anymore when booting Manjaro (with XFCE).
I have to start it manually (whiskers menu or terminal) several times until it “really” starts.

The problem is, that the process ends up after some time with

wolf@wolf-desktop:~$ nextcloud
ICE default IO error handler doing an exit(), pid = 2093, errno = 32

I already try to search this forum and the rest of the internet. Found some “solutions” like delete ~/.config/Nextcloud (Nextcloud Desktop Client not starting - #6 by hecsa) or delete .ICEauthoriy. (OBS ICE default IO error handler doing an exit())

But did not help. Has anyone an idea what to try next? Or who can I get more information about the problem?

How about removing the ~/.ICEauthority ?

A cloud client depends on your network to up and connected. The remote service to be reachable.

I already tried this, but it didn’t work. Same result.

Network is up, cloud is running.
The client does start and connect after seeveral attempts (3 to 5 times). But it never does it the first time.

Where can I find the logs of the nextcloud-client?

Logs are usually found /var/log but maybe located elsewhere - usually defined in the client config.

@exaveal you should know that the Nextcloud Desktop Client has several issues and is not getting as much love from the NextCloud team as the OwnCloud Desktop Client has been getting from the OwnCloud team.

I have a webDAV server as well (FileRun) and it’s compatible with Next/OwnCloud Desktop Clients.

I switched to OwnCloud Desktop Client and immediately noticed this application is much more mature. There is 1 single interface instead of 2 with NextCloud (that useless white box) and progress, activity, issues are properly viewed in the UI, in such a way the information is actually actionable in case you need to fix something.

I highly recommend switching to OwnCloud Desktop Client. It’s much more mature and stable. See if that works for you. I assume the Desktop Client is compatible with NextCloud since I can use both while I don’t have the server version of either of them.

I don’t find anything in the ~.config/Nextcloud/logs so my last option was to install the snap Package which is working. But it’s 800MB … lol.

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