Nextcloud auto-login

Hi! Had read this. It seems every tutorial must have a secret obviously, cause I didn’t understand nothing. Guess I’m not an idiot :flushed:, but what should I do to auto-login nextcloud in KDE?

Make sure you installed qtkeychain-qt5 first. For the org.freedesktop.secrets service can be either gnome-keyring or keepassxc package. Go with the second one and install it. See how to use it KeePass - ArchWiki

Thanks but you talking in riddles too.

If someone whants to find and a circle area I say make this S=pi*r^2. Tutorial and you say something like: To find and are you need radius or diameter and something else, finf it here or here. I found, but there too: To find and are you need radius or diameter and something else. And in the end I don’t understand what I should to do.

My system have this - qtkeychain-qt5 and this - libsecret

Than read:
Auto-login: All of them use qtkeychain-qt5 to store and retrieve account-specific access tokens. To achieve auto-login when the client starts, one of optional dependencies of qtkeychain should be installed as well. Moreover, if you choose libsecret as the backend for qtkeychain, a service that provides org.freedesktop.secrets should be running when the client starts.

And you also need one of this two: gnome-keyring or keepassxc to make it work. Is that still in riddles?