News section on homepage is blank


The news section comes up blank for me - I’m using Firefox.


Works here.

Do you have javascript disabled/blocked?


Hi, nope. I have Ublock but I’ve disabled it for the domain
Imgur Screenshot


also, no problem for me.
I suppose a bad connexion : we can view “wait logo” before “manjaro-NEWS” title

with F12 and select “console”, you can view errors message
only for me, some 404 on images


It would have been nice(r) to develop off-line…

Also, apart from the images 404, which hide them completely (opacity=0), in other listed posts an emoji is used for main image, which renders awkward.
But it’s a nice try!.. When it finishes…


It was blank for few seconds for me. But they really need to do something about the emotion rendering, they are jpeg as heck.


You can always open issues for our homepage …


Hi Phil

I have opened an issue as suggested. Strangely, I have tried Brave and the News section works fine on there.