Newly downloaded files fail to appear in Dolphin without restarting it

Hello there, I have been running into this peculiar synchronisation issue where when I download a file from the web browser (using Chromium Version 91.0.4472.114 (Official Build) Arch Linux (64-bit)) the file fails to appear in the Downloads folder despite it being present when I check using the Terminal.

I can confirm that the Downloads location I am looking at in the Terminal is the same location that I am looking at via Dolphin. Currently the only way for me to see newly downloaded files in Dolphin is to close the application and re-launch it.

Pressing f5 in dolphin should suffice.There also is a refresh button, which can be placed in its toolbar.

same issue for a period of time

Manjaro KDE, kernel 5.15. The same issue since about one month. Dolphin stops to update files in folders after about an hour after the restart of the computer. It is possible to get an update just one time if you completely close and restart dolphin or if you make a new file or folder where the new files are expected. It must something gone wrong with dolphin or kde.


I just ran into this also. Clicking on the refresh button did nothing.