Newly adopted font NOT great (used in Thunar/elsewhere)


I logged in today to attest that the new font that has being adopted in the latest update is wider, more geometric/concentric and generally less readable.

Please restore the font to one used previously.


What font?

There have been no default font changes as far as I’m aware.

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Maybe look at what has happened to Noto. Maybe someone has just broken the minimap of it?

The noto-font packages have had recent updates based on upstream commits, but I have not noticed any issues myself.

You are free to choose any font you wish if you don’t like the default one.

Yes, basically every letter is a pixel wider, and more highly anti-aliased (ie. less crisp) also more concentric All I did was update. After updating the ‘fi’ was a weird ‘"O’ and the ellipsis was a large bullet dot.

However the font was still good. After a reset, weird font. The system font was showing up a Noto Display. Is that normal? Do I need to logout to reset the system font, because changing it is not doing anything.


Maybe try Noto Sans Regular instead of Noto Sans Display Regular?

Tried, but nothing happened. Is ‘Display Regular’ the default font now? Is there a reset command I would need to do?

Yes, it seems Noto Sans Display replaced Noto Sans and Sans Regular replaced Sans.

I’m going to assume this is where things have gone wrong, imo.

The non-Display font may have the minimap that the OS was using before whereas Display is generally for print.