Newbie Questions

1.) Does Manjaro Phosh on PinePhonePro nightlight works? because i have plan to buy that pinePhone pro.

2.) How fast is Manjaro Phosh on PinePhonePro compare to other phones?

3.) Whats the feature that not working yet on pinephone pro manjaro phosh?

4.) Is it good to buy PineBookPro and install Manjaro GNome?

5.) is PineBookPro Worth It to buy? because i have always a lower specs computer buying PBP i think worh it but. i want to see other users opinion on that PBP

6.) can full disk encryption work on PineBookPro Manjaro GNome?

7.) on PinePhone Pro & PineBook Pro how much does the battery last on that two devices?

If you are looking for devices ready for consumer usage the pine devices is not there.

The fact that you have to ask these questions tells me you are not in the target audience for such devices.

While Pinebook Pro and PinePhone Pro is working they are still WIP where software may stop working - at least judging from forum topics - unless you are ready to accept that you shouldn’t use money on it.

If you have backup devices - you can buy but expect software may break without warning - otherwise don’t.

Best place for info is

I have a PinePhonePro - and it is not my primary device - using Phosh

  • battery will last
    • with sim and connected to network - 36h
    • without sim - idling - between 48h-72h
  • don’t compare it to mainstream android phones
  • it works - it is not fast - it is comparable to 1.gen Iphone
  • I only use the most basic features
    • voice
    • text messages

PineBookPro - I have no experience with it - yet :slight_smile: