Newbie questions about manjaro

I am thinking of switching to manjaro but need some questions answered.
how do I change localhost.localdomain.
is there a gui for changing the efi boot info.
can I start wifi before browsers and email load after a reboot.

manjaro is the brand.
in linux there are different desktops, you’ll need to select your desktop environment, they all do things differently.
for example, manjaro gnome & manjaro kde are very popular all purpose desktops, while manjaro xfce is what would be considered light & fast but not complete as, it’s a more modular desktop being made up of several pieces, for advanced users it’s perfect for customizing.

then there is other environments or window managers that are more of a do it yourself nature.


You don’t - localhost.localdomain is a vital part and necessary for the system to work.

During install you supply a hostname which is used to identify the system on the network.

Depending on your network setup your dhcp service may supply the domain part or you can specifiy it in /etc/hosts.

Example of such setup  localhost.localdomain localhost myhostname

No need for that.

Yes - you will have to setup the connection - but subseqently it can connect without further intervention.


hostnamectl --help


I’m used to setting host and domain names during the installation (Slackware) or running a net applet after installation (Pclinuxos) so I forget what file to edit.
I have four linux distros on sda so yes I need something like grub-customizer.
I am still searching for a way of getting the wifi connectection set before X starts loading browsers or email.

You can make sure the services for the browser/email apps require the wait for online service to be sure

Not sure what’s your edition, that’s why here’s a generic method:
install and open nmtui, select edit connection, choose your connection and you’ll find 2 necessary options in the bottom of the configuration dialog (connect automatically and available for all users).

Doesn’t os-prober detect them?(Sorry for horrible grammar)

I change at least one of the distros regularly so I need to to re run the boot loader. The Manjaro boot loader found all the current distros but how do I re run it and also make it reboot on the last entry I rebooted from.

If I understand the query correctly,
After every distro install, go to manjaro and run os-prober. Then run sudo update-grub.
The last OS you booted from is shown in the grub menu.

I was looking for a gui to do that for me but if necessary I can do it manually.

Thanks for that. I got brave and copied .thunderbird to the Manjaro partition rebooted and don’t get the server not found message in Thunderbird so hopefully I wont need to do it but it is nice to know how.

i have got rEFInd working so am happy to keep using Manjaro.

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