Newbie confusion

I’m a newbie and it shows.

I am trying to install python through the pamac UI.
I get this message which is confusing (and seems dangerous) to me.

- manjaro-system needs to be removed but it is a locked package
- pacman needs to be removed but it is a locked package

How do I remove these without damaging Manjaro?

isn’t python pre-installed as a default package?? please confirm

It is pre-installed. You’re trying to uninstall it but it is necessary for the system to run so it doesn’t allow you to do that


Hi @SheppeyMan,

That is because your system hasn’t been kept updated.

Manjaro is a curated rolling release, meaning it has to be kept up-to-date. And thee software you’re trying to install needs the newer version, so the older one needs to be replaced.

And no, don’t try not updating a part of it, as this will lead to a partial update state, which will break the system.


My mistake. I read it as some kind of package/addon/plugin/extra for Python, not Python itself. But the rest about updates, installing those updates, installing software and so on is still applicable.

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Python is pre-installed in Manjaro, and in fact, in most if not all linux distros. Check by typing

python --version

in terminal.

Unlike Windows, it’s already a GNU/Linux distro de facto standard to have python 2 and 3 interpreter pre-installed.

At terminal, run which python and which python3 to display the path to the python2 and python3 interpreter.

You can run python or python3 to start the python 2 interpreter and python 3 interpreter respectively.