New walls for all spins (maybe?)


Damn, I completely ignored the fact that you were using i3. Damn. xD

No problem, I have all logos so I can change it in 2 minutes, my bad.

I can remove or replace the motto, but I think Manjaro Linux has to be there, after all, these are Manjaro promotion wallpapers (I had the dream that manteiners would include these in their ISOS :’( ).

I could chage the motto by the original I posted, " I3-TWM Community Edition". That would keep you from explaining anything when you post a screenshot. :v


Well, here they are. I think the one without text looks too empty on the right, but use the one you like the best:


Okay, thanks man! I made a video you can check it out here: (made a shoutout for your awesome work too)
Really love it. Can I know the hex code of that green color? I think I need to change the conky yellow label to that green. :slight_smile:


Also, if you want the wallpaper to be included in Manjaro ISO, send me all the files you made for all editions (in 1920x1080 maybe). I’ll help you make a pull request into the Manjaro github, or I just summon @oberon here. :slight_smile:


Sure, the RGBA code is 00aa88ff, although the las two “ff” are full alpha, so you can leave them out.

I saw your video, and the guys at the Manjaro group in telegram were also pretty confused about that dock when I showed them your setup. xD I also noticed you made the video with the xfce wallpaper, I feel so guilty right now. Hope your viewers won’t notice. :v

Even more. The components around I3 logo are from xfce, I dind’t change them, but I will, just let me know what version of the paper you will be using and I will upload it later on.

Oberon said he would include the papers in i3-artwork package. Unfortunately I don’t use i3 anymore since the graphics glitches I was experiencing, but I hope they are there. :smiley:


Yeah, everything that is wasting pixels is hated by tiling wm users :smile:
No problem there mate, I was just too excited to show the world after getting the wallpaper so can’t wait for you to send the i3 version. :wink:
I think I’ll just use the one with Manjaro Linux without anything down beneath.
Congratulation for getting your awesome work being accepted man. More power to you. :slight_smile:


Ok, finally, here’s your paper dude. Thanks for the free advertising. :smiley:


Thanks man! I’ll make this into September screenshot to show off :heart_eyes:


Excellent. Glad you liked it. :smiley: