New walls for all spins (maybe?)


hay very nice work do you have a svg version so I can scale it to fit my desktop

xfce version

thank and regards

ps my favorite is gnome one


Here it is. It has EVERYTHING inside (not just xfce).

Have fun.


I guess I can actually do it, but not with the same design (unless you want it repeated in both screens).

I was thinking maybe a flow diagram instead of a circle. Let me know what you have in mind.


Of course a different design, I wouldn’t ask you if I wanted to just put them on each screen :slight_smile:
I don’t know much about design, I want it to have the same color, simple like the one above, and nice placement across screens. You know better than me, you decide. :wink:
Thanks mate! :heart_eyes:


Yeah, I will give it a try.

Using huge papers require memory though, and downscaling them can produce artifacts sometimes (especially with .jpg files). So if you don’t care about that, I will make the 3840 × 2160 / 2560×1600 pair you want. Otherwise, tell me exactly the resolution for each screen. :smiley:


Don’t really care about memory usage.
I’ve got dual 1680x1050 monitors, so it will be 3360x1050.
Thanks. ::grinning:


Ok, so I’m working (or rather, reworking) the design to fit both screens, but before going any further I wanna know if you like the look of it, so here’s a preview to show the concept. Let me know what you think. Cheers. :smiley:


I like it!
Adding some conky scripts, this will be perfect. But the white is a bit pale? Also, don’t forget the Manjaro famous sentence, “Enjoy the simplicity” :slight_smile:
And the image resolution will be increased when it’s done right?


Ok, maybe english is not your strong point. :v

I will clarify some things you missed from my post:

  1. Is a preview, is quite far from finished.
  2. As a preview, it doesn’t have to be the original resolution, but I wanted to know also if you want a single picture or you want me to cut it in halves.
  3. White is always pale, I mean, is white man. xD

I can add the Manjaro motto “enjoy the simplicity”, but that just sounds stupid, so think about it, would ya? xD

If you will put a conky on it, I can make room for it, or even a frame. Just tell me how your conky looks.


I was just asking if the resolution will be increased when it’s finished :slight_smile:
Okay mate, you decide what should be in the image :wink:
Here’s how my current conky looks like: Manjaro realtime kernels Thanks mate :blush:
Added: I forgot, the pale in white I meant was comparing the current white with the white in your previous one, the previous one has a brighter white, or is it just my feeling? :grin:


Wow, that’s a little bit too much to my taste, but it can be done if you are willing to move them to the right border, then I could do something like:

The motto is the least of my worries, since I won’t be using this paper (or I could easily change it), but that phrase just doesn’t sound cool. I will use it if you want it though. xD

And about the white, probably they look not as white as the previous works because the background is lighter. With a darker BG and a bigger resolution they will look good (because the lines are just 3 pixels wide).


I don’t think I’m gonna move my conky to the right because I’m usually playing games on my right monitor and keep track of my computer status on the left monitor conky outputs. :slight_smile:
No problem though, I can still move the conky a little bit to the right so it will be below the penguin line. :wink:


Hope you like grunge style. :v

This is just some crazy stuff I was doing waiting for inspiration to come, but never came. If you have any ideas for a good background I would appreciate it. :smiley:


Thanks, man!
I’ll try this out when I got home tonight. :wink:
But I’m now using i3wm for my desktop, material design for the color scheme. I’ll show you the screenshot tonight so maybe you can get an inspiration coming. :slight_smile:
And where is the space for my conky? I think I really need to make some new conky scripts for this one. :blush:


There’s plenty of space for your conkies under the penguin. 2 on each side.

What do you mean with material design? I know about Google’s material design, but…


Okay, I’ll need to put it in my desktop to know how it’ll fit. But I’m currently at workplace, need at least 12 more hours before I got home (can’t wait :weary:)
Yeah, material design from Google but only using the color, here’s my color scheme:
background #2B2B2C (to match with Vertex Maia Manjaro background)
active text #FFFFFF
inactive text #AFAFB1
everything is colorful for the i3wm i3blocks using the default 500 material design color pallete as described here:
I think I’ll just post a screenshot of it later tonight :slight_smile:


if i am understanding i3wm right, i3blocks can display most of ur conkies…
the very purpose of tiling [using max realestate of the screen] will hide the display ? but i think for your dual monitor setup, you r doing something creative ! waiting for your final shot champ :slight_smile:


I know, I just like it to be more detailed stuffs instead of a one liner :slight_smile:
Of course I also have stuffs in my block :slight_smile:
I’m pretty much done already and maybe after a final touch I’m ready to show off :smile:


What the heck is i3blocks? Never heard of it. :open_mouth:


Here:, but for more scripts, I use the fork here: :slight_smile:

And here’s how my current desktop looks like after putting in your theme:

Thanks man! Love it so much. If only you can change the Xfce icon into i3wm icon, and get rid of the Manjaro Linux and enjoy the simplicity I think it will be better (yes man you were right about those sentences make it looks kinda stupid :blush: )