New versioning scheme for Manjaro RealTime kernels and extramodules



On the unstable and testing branches I have now made available a new version of our realtime kernel, based on kernel linux414.
Since this is at the same time our current LTS kernel AND the newest available realtime patch, this will now replace both linux-rt-manjaro and linux-rt-lts-manjaro (automatically).
linux-rt-manjaro will move forward to basekernel linux415 when available.

Both manjaro packages are now so-called meta-packages, meaning they are not actually the kernel packages but simply depend on their real kernel version.
This will make transitions between basekernels more convenient and smooth in the future.

–> --> The relevant change for the user will be versioning:

The new package linux-rt-manjaro for example now has version 4.14-1 which will not change as long as it keeps using basekernel linux414. The actual kernel version will only change and be visible on the depending actual kernel package which is currently linux414-rt-4.14.15_rt12-1.
As mentioned before linux-rt-lts-manjaro currently depends on the same package, which you can also see by looking at its version number: linux-rt-lts-manjaro-4.14-1.
While you won’t need to care about this, except if you want to know which actual kernel patch version you are actually installing, it is relevant when it comes to updating realtime extramodules during this latest update.
Extramodules are now also using this meta-package scheme as explained above, meaning their versioning will follow their matching realtime base-package.
Matching broadcom-wl extramodule for linux-rt-manjaro is linux-rt-manjaro-broadcom-wl
It’s new version will be 4.14-1 and it will install dependency linux414-rt-broadcom-wl- (showing the actual version of the extramodule)

–> --> For this reason extramodules with version numbers higher than 4.14 will need to be practically “downgraded” (manually) because for example the new package linux-rt-manjaro-broadcom-wl-4.14 has a lower version number than the old package linux-rt-manjaro-broadcom-wl-

So, in case you are using one of the affected realtime extramodules, during this current update you will need to use

pacman -Syuu

to get the correct latest version installed.

This is relevant for the following extramodules only:


Hope that’s understandable and clear.
Sorry for the fuzz! :wink:

[Testing Update] 2018-01-28 - Real-Time Kernels, Linux415-Extra-Modules, Steam, Python, Haskell
Kernel 4.14. bzw 4.14.-rt sind nicht zu deinstallieren

Needed updates for this added to mhwd-kernel and msm. Please test.


Thanks a lot! Looking good :slight_smile:


Why not bump the epoch instead?


Hey Oberon. Update went fine… big update though so took lots of time. It didn’t tell me I needed to do anything ‘special’ so no terminal for me this time lol. The only ‘unusual’ message I got back was this one:

/usr/bin/grub-probe: warning: unknown device type nvme0n1.



Yeah, possible, but UUUGLY … :wink:


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