New version of Steam Play (with Windows games support)


Personally I like this idea, sure its not a ideal solution and it would be nice to have native games but at the same time if its a way to play games made only for windows in linux without wine I am all for it.


Why is this always the same story, every time?

People just care about playing their games in the first place.
And you’ll never break the circle when every year 95% of the previously released games has never and will never be ported willingly.

And native doesn’t necessarily mean “good” either (in fact the proton issues tracker already has some about wanting to force windows version, even when native is available)


Maybe because some people (like me) wants to vote with their wallets.

Is it at least gonna be possible to tell the difference of a Linux native game and a Proton enabled game in the Steam Store?


Best news of the day/week/month!

By looking at the original message from Valve you should be able to see this in game properties.


In the library, they are clearly marked with a textbox.
In the store, be it because it’s still in beta or whatnot, no advertisement has changed.

p.s. then don’t make it a black and white situation


Well this will bring more games to Linux that we didn’t have before. Great for those games which are not likely to see a native Linux client anyway. I do hope however that having this doesn’t mean developers aren’t going to release Linux versions of their future titles.

Either way it is a wait and see what happens.

Não consigo remover programa instalado via wine do painel do gnome

So how does this work? I just buy a Windows game that is supported?


Even the ones not supported enabling a function :slight_smile: You buy a Windows game and start it on linux


Thanks. I’m thinking of trying out some Windows games I already have on Steam. Such as Fallout4


This is basically my fear as well. However, it is hard to see the future. It could have the opposite effect as well. Getting more gamers to switch Linux which drives more developers to develop for Linux natively.

Steam for Linux can now run Windows games - with Vulkan performance built in

Well I already had The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing for Windows. So I enable Steam Play for all titles and D/L the game and IT WORKS!!!

Next game to try is Fallout 4…


This is 'uuzzzge.

Play any game under Linux? Yes thank you. No barrier to Linux adoption for most users now. :smiley:

As far as non-native things go, think of this like a common framework or virtual machine (CLR, JVM, etc.) but for games. Developers can make games more easily. Win-win.

Then, when more people are using Linux in general, game devs have a reason for targeting native Linux.

Let’s see how this works… so many games I haven’t played for ages because they’re Windows-only.

Also, it may end up restoring functionality for games where Linux support has broken (e.g. Torchlight II).


I spent ~6 hours yesterday getting a modded version of Baldurs Gate II EE to run on linux.

It probably would run just fine in steam play and wouldn’t have required me to create an additional fielsystem to mount the game files in. :japanese_ogre:


i have just installed Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance using steam play.

i only get a black screen.
because you need the latest (at least Nvidia) gpu driver for it, is it possible the open source amd drivers are not ready for DXVK yet?


Or maybe the game doesn’t run w/ protos… It’s a beta feature, with a little list of products supported. Give them time, man :slight_smile:


As far as I know, it should work fine with the open source drivers. You could check if you have all required Vulkan dependencies installed.
According to Lutris wiki:
vulkan-radeon lib32-vulkan-radeon lib32-vulkan-icd-loader



these packages are dependencies of steam-native, which means everybody who installs steam already has all needed gpu driver parts.

of course this is entirely possible.
i will play around with it when i have some spare time…


Since I have bumblebee so Vulcan won’t work for me, I can’t try it myself but I’m still excited.
Can someone try it and report here their experience? This is still limited to chosen titles but it’s a start!


There is am active discussion on this topic, here:


I love new Steam Beta

whats new ?
Proton this allow to play all windows only games with linux
what is it?
its an Wine esync dxvk wrapper?

what i need to do?
set Enable Steam Play for all titles and restart steam thats all.
is Proton 3.7 not here install it from source or AUR

trizen -S proton