New Users With Nvidia 30-Series GPU's Can't Install Manjaro

So, I bought an RTX 3090 back on launch day in September, but I already had a Manjaro install and a vanilla Arch install. I was coming from a 5700 XT but all I had to do was boot into Arch, go into a TTY, install the proprietary Nvidia drivers, then arch-chroot into my Manjaro install and do the same thing, and everything worked great. But for new installations, obviously this isn’t going to work.

I saw someone else on Reddit saying they had a 3080 and was having trouble installing any distros, so I went to see if I could install anything from scratch, since there’s no support for 30 series GPUs in Nouveau. Well, I was able to install Arch by using nomodeset nouveau.nomodeset=1 in the launch options, since it’s a CLI install anyway. But Manjaro doesn’t work. I AM able to get into a TTY with those boot parameters, and I can run manjaro-architect and use the architect installer, but the GUI installer doesn’t work, I can’t get a GUI at all.

Trying to use the nonfree drivers just causes the bootup to freeze.

I’m fine using a CLI installer, so architect is no big deal for me, but obviously not everyone is able to do that.

I managed to install plugging the monitor to HDMI port but even after installation DisplayPorts are not detected and I’m stuck to HDMIs. nvidia-settings just ignores DisplayPorts on the card.

Are there any kernel params difference between the working old version and the new one?