New users not installing supported kernels... is it something of an epidemic?

So, maybe I have this wrong, running only an unsupported kernel doesn’t automatically give a “Can’t boot–No supported kernel installed” message on boot and require a chroot to fix?

holy ■■■■, boss. I’m just asking question trying to get my bearings on this issue. Is that really “throwing something in your face?” :unamused:

I mean, do you want me to? Is this how you get people involved? :pleading_face:

Yeah, I mean I know how forums work. That’s kinda why I don’t bother. Your attitude kinda re-enforces that very little productive work gets done on the forum, if I’m being completely honest.

Bu t I’m not here to snipe. I’m just trying to learn about how widespread this issue is. If you could not snipe at me, and maybe act like a moderator, I’d appreciate it.

I don’t understand why the old kernel is deleted first and then the updater tries to install the new one. Seems stupid at first glance, but maybe there is some arch linux logic behind, I don’t know.

That said, the system will not stop booting when kernel is EOL. That will only happen if an update is kernel dependend, like some graphic card driver, and it fails (we recently had 2 such topics).
So it’s not a 100% fail, but still bad enough. Because the people that stay on unsupported kernels usually don’t read the announcement or check the manjaro settings and notifier. But install everything from AUR :slight_smile: so that when the system breaks it breaks with a bang.

The simple truth is, Manjaro is not a distro for people that don’t want to read (wiki, forum, manuals) AT ALL. Such people might be better suited with ubuntu with its old packagebase and the heavy and semi-closedsource snap. Although things break there too and require reading, but less often. Or windows. Even heavier and completely black box. Oh wait, some of its automatically forced updates also break the system…or erase all documents.

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I got the PC in May 2023 so what ever the latest stable Plasma ISO was at the time. It uses kernel 6.1.44-1 I don’t do a lot of configuration so I’m sure I didn’t turn it off. In any case I wouldn’t update my kernel until it was no longer supported or some new hardware was needed.

I don’t think you mean LTS when you refer to the “stable” kernel, do you? Because I’ve had the 5.4 LTS kernel installed as a backup for a long time and it’s never been removed. I only manually removed the 4.19 LTS from my installs maybe 1+ years ago and am still on 5.10 LTS on 1 of my installs.

I think there is always a tension between providing a LTS kernel on an iso, which may not work with the latest hardware, and providing the newest non-LTS kernel that might go EOL unnoticed by users who don’t read update announcements or who just blindly click on “update” on pamac GUI when updating.

The problem is probably exacerbated by the fact that some users seem to think that it is always better to use the latest kernel, even if their hardware doesn’t require it.

Yes in terms of it is the latest release which is considered stable.

I don’t know, maybe that issue of removing the kernel when it was removed from the repo and you do an upgrade is resolved, but I remember that there was an issue which I experienced myself.

How ever, I disagree with that:

in term of: It never happened in the past.

I definitely vote for the current policy to ship LTS kernel with the iso images. Everything else is a nonsense. Just a reminder: the current official iso on the site is from may, and the stable release would have been 6.2. or 6.3 at that time, which are now EOL. Besides, there may be a user that downloads the iso and installs in a couple of weeks which will result in the same problem.


Hence why almost everyother Arch based distro still autoupdates the kernels unless the enduser changes it.

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Manjaro ISOs have used LTS kernels only for ISOs released in the last 2 years
Manjaro 21.0.2 Ornara released!

Most new users will have kernel v6.1 that has a projected EOL Dec, 2026
Active kernel releases |
So new users do not have to worry about an EOL unsupported kernel for the next 2-3 years
Plenty of time to become familiar with wiki documentation: Manjaro Kernels - Manjaro Wiki
and forum Update announcements
But many users will probably install a later LTS kernel before current LTS kernels reach end of life

I also see a lot of distro-hoppers say things like “Anytime I tried Manjaro it ‘breaks’ after a couple months.” Which I assume is mostly the same issue.

This was a common comment on u/manjaro from some disgruntled users that left manjaro forum community in last 2-3 years. The gripes are likely to become less frequent now that the snorlax collective has given up trolling to promote another endeavour (their SSL certificate expired in July )

Didn’t bother reading forum guidelines to realise that later comment criticising another forum user is not acceptable behaviour

Be Agreeable, Even When You Disagree
You may wish to respond to something by disagreeing with it. That’s fine. But remember to criticize ideas, not people. Please avoid:

  • Name-calling
  • Ad hominem attacks
  • Responding to a post’s tone instead of its actual content
  • Knee-jerk contradiction

Instead, provide reasoned counter-arguments that improve the conversation.


If you’re going to have the pretense of discussing a perceived problem with the supporting community, then you should at the very least be a member of that community. How else are you ever going to be able to judge its efficiency in helping people?


There are two kinds of people on this forum. One kind of people is interested in Manjaro and/or GNU/Linux in general, and because they are interested, they observe and learn, and then they start helping others by sharing their knowledge — knowledge that continues to grow. They also contribute to the community spirit by reporting things to the moderators.

The other kind of people are consumers. They’re not interested in either the community or the operating system. They just want to use Manjaro instead (or alongside) of Windows, but they don’t want to read any tutorials, they don’t want to look for previously posted answers to their questions, and they’re not interested in the update announcements.

Many don’t even update their system once they’ve installed it, and then of course they will run into problems when (for instance) trying to install additional packages. And many of those are also feeling particularly entitled. So they stay away from the forum until they run into a problem, and then they post about it without looking whether someone has had the same problem before.

Like I said, there will be an update announcement thread, with — as always — a detailed list of the potential gotchas and how to deal with them. And then within 24 hours there will be 200 posts all whining about the same gotcha, because they didn’t read the announcement and they can’t be bothered looking whether someone else has also already reported it.

Even only two days ago we were still getting posts from people having a problem with the xdg-desktop-portal-gnome package on non-GNOME desktops, even though that was already reported — along with how to fix it — over two months ago.

Manjaro is a curated rolling-release distribution of a UNIX-family general-purpose operating system based upon Arch GNU/Linux. It is not a set-and-forget household appliance or gaming console.

That’s quite presumptuous, given that you appear to not understand anything about how we work here, and what information can be found here.

“Very little productive work”? First of all, how would you know when you’re not even around to see it?

And secondly, I myself have written 8 very elaborate tutorials, and I’ve (currently) got 955 solutions in my name. Someone like @linux-aarhus for instance has written a gazillion tutorials — and he’s adding even more on an almost daily basis — and also (currently) has 721 solutions in his name. @Yochanan even has 1003 solutions in his name as I’m writing this. And there are loads of other people with hundreds of solutions and with several tutorials that are all posted here at the forum.

So, what have you done in the last three years to make this forum a better place?

You’re not sniping openly, but both your opening post and your prejudice about this forum carry enough of a criticizing and accusing innuendo. And it is a prejudice, because you are criticizing what you don’t know while in the same breath advocating a cause that in and of itself is only a strawman argument.

It’s not us who are the problem. It’s people’s attitude. And that actually even extends far beyond the scope of this forum. It’s a sociological problem.


I have added a section to the page on kernel management. I have notified translators so it will be translated into the current languages for that page.

The reddit is not the main place if you want to learn how to maintain your Manjaro LInux.

The few times I have visited reddit it appears to be bs-offloading place - not a place that helps you but a place where you can get ears tickled.


@Aragorn and @shakey_snake please agree to disagree and



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@shakey_snake should of been warned. As for @Aragorn the only thing I personally would change if I was them is to remove the very last two sentences in their last post.

It was a reference to a real sociological issue that extends far beyond the scope of this forum or the world of computers. But going into that here would be way off-topic. :man_shrugging:

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I get that but you’re just adding more fuel for you know who to set himself further on fire.

Well, the thread has a solution, which means that the forum engine will lock it 3 days after the last reply. I shall therefore lock it now so as to avoid further escalation. :man_shrugging: