New user with an old NVDIA GPU : should I stick to Manjaro 18?

the question is quite simple : I wan’t to resurrect an old Dell Laptop for my young daughter to play (mostly Minecraft or retrogaming, this machine is a Core 2 Duo with Quadra FX 770m, so I don’t expect much of it).
I’m reading that there is no more NVIDIA support for proprietary drivers since Manjaro 19. So, should I use an old distribution like Manjaro 18 in order to still use compatible versions ? Or is there ways to have them working with latest releases of the distribution ?

Thanks for your help

manjaro is NOT a cycle version , it is a rolling release ,
so you have first the most recent iso for install

for you old video card you can try on live boot and install ( test) with nvidia ( option no free drivers ),
if not it will be nouveau ( option free drivers ), do not use for medium or heavy gaming video


Thanks for your reply. It was not clear to me that it was a rolling distro (especially since there are older installers available on the website).
I just made the test and indeed, it’s using nouveau and nvidia proprietary drivers failed to install.

I guess I’ll switch to an alternate, non-rolling, distro, then.

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