New user, black screen when live booting

Hi all,

I’m trying manjaro for the first time. I’ve used popos and Ubuntu on this machine. Both worked okay, but had issues with Firefox crashing. In trying manjaro to see if I can get a more stable os.

I created the bootable USB with dd. I boot into it and with both options (proprietary and open source) I get a black screen. No cursor, no blinking terminal, nothing. I see the USB drive flash for a second, then it’s just in stand by. I have uefi enabled, secure boot disabled.

The machine is a Lenovo flex14iwl. It has an i5 with integrated graphics. I may need to update the bios, but I need windows in order to do that.

I tried ctrl+alt+f2/f3/f7, and no luck with any of them.

Are there any suggestions on this? I’m guessing I may need to choose a different driver?

Thank you.