New user account defaults

I think every new user account should be automatically subscribed the the Announcements ->Stable Updates forum.

This is a crucial part of following Manjaro updates as often people will miss important information if they do not read these threads. Like recently the Nvidia incompatibility with Kernel 5.9 but also when there is manual intervention required to not break the login system or things like that.

There might be other important defaults to modify but I think this is one of the most important. User can always opt-out if he wants but he can not then say he didn’t know, it would be on him.


The problem is that not every Manjaro user is also a member of this forum, and ─ even more importantly ─ that not every member of this forum checks in on a regular basis.

We’ve got loads and loads of people who are still at the TL0 level, because they only ever connect to the forum if they have a problem. Some don’t even bother reporting back after you gave them the solution to their problem. Hell, none of the newbies even bother posting their threads in the right categories anymore either. :roll_eyes:

So while I agree with you, people like that won’t even see the announcement thread ─ they’re too busy staring at their own navels. :man_shrugging:

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That’s right, but there are lot of people who try to get involved that could benefit from this change. I prefer ignoring the people who will not be concerned because if they don’t even come here that doesn’t concern them.

Maybe at least the Discobot could be improved to explain this possibility of watching new threads in important category and make users watch the announcement for Stable update in the tutorial?

I think it is better to see the issue the other way around. Are there user who are not registered? yes. Are there registered people who only come here when they have issues? yes. But that doesn’t make it a reason to discard the idea in my opinion, because there are people who register here, who don’t only post when they have issues, but they don’t even know about the announcement thread and the importance of following them.

//EDIT: as the thread has been closed I can’t even reply, great…
So if a default like that is not good, maybe my other suggestion as to add the tutorial part about watching important forums could be a better idea then… whatever closed shut down no possibility of discussion anyway…

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It’s a big assumption that everyone is on stable branch, even if this was allowed by the forum software we cannot make assumptions to what content users think is relevant to them it is personal preference.