New to the forum, introduce yourself




I’m not totally new to Unix-system as such as our backend in the office is full of those machines, but when it comes to administrating it the first thing I do is start sweating and praying to the IT-god…

About two years ago I decided to finally move away from Windows (I can’t thank myself enough for doing that) on my home computers as there was no way that I would walk down the Windows 10 road. Windows 7 was the last one for me. That step was huge for me as I’d normally know my way around Windows and its stupidities.

Anyway, here we go, I’m waiting to get set up to post something here…


Hi team.
Im new to linux but have been playing with manjaro on vm for a few months. Decided to install on the alpha on the tv, since I was quite liking it.
Update 18.0.3 broke it ( [Stable Update] 2019-02-19), but the community already had the fix I needed here:

Now I can get back on enjoying it.
Cheers, and nice to meet you.


Hello All,

Just a quick note to say that thanks to all the experts and Team for making this software such an experience. It just “works out of the box” and as much as i tinker with it , it just does’nt break even though i’m not a expert user as such, but i started on DOS Autocad back in the early 90’s and that was a mind blowing experience coming from a varied job experience before hand, but this software is just addictive and i appreciate all the hard work and effort that goes into “Simplicity itself” because nothing is as easy as you all make out. I enjoy the ride and thanks to all of you for the experience.
By the way i enjoy the challenge that much that i back up to a vintage IBM Deskstar just to see if Manjaro can break that!!. So far so good.
Live dangerously.


Hello from the Yorkshire coast, UK!

Long time Linux/BSD etc user, installed Manjaro (XFCE) last night on my laptop and I’m very impressed with it. I love the dark themes, feels very polished and is very easy on the eye.

Sincere thanks to everyone involved in producing this distro, you’ve all done a great job. The UI, graphics, icons are just stunning - the best I’ve ever seen. Everything just works on my laptop, installing software is so straightforward and the whole AUR thing is fantastic. Thanks again everyone!



I don’t recall the exact number of members on the core team for Manjaro, but I see absolutely no difference in polish between Manjaro’s core versions and say Fedora’s or Suse’s or Ubuntu’s core versions. They are doing an amazing job, and as someone who has, on purpose, forced myself to distrohop for the last two months and happily came back to Manjaro Xfce every time…

Thank you all for your amazing work.


Deepin is such and amazing desktop environment. Welcome to Manjaro.


If your interested, take a look at the canta theme. It is easy on the eyes. Also, the halo icon set is great! It color codes the various folders.


It does seem great! I’ll take a look! Yesterday I managed to install it properly and did the first “fix” woohoo! I’m so happy to be in Manjaro community,I feel I will learn many new things :grin:


Hi all!

I’m from Pennsylvania and have been a linux hobbyist for 6 or 7 years. Made the jump from Solus a while back, and have been enjoying Manjaro immensely.


Hi all!
I’m Twelvesen a complete newbie to Linux. I switched from Win10 3-4 months ago because it pissed me off with its updates. I’m really glad I’ve found Manjaro since it has all the stuff a guy like me needs. I occasionally work, often play games and manage my life in general on my desktop and Manjaro enables me to do these very well.
I’m looking forward to talk to the nice people of Manjaro forum. :slight_smile:


Hi ladies and gentlemen,

I am a recent convert to Manjaro (In fact I installed for the first time yesterday afternoon). Before that, I was a bit of a distro-hopper having installed elementaryOS, mint, Solus. However, I never found something that I felt comfortable using those distros for long periods of time. I hope Manjaro is different and so far it is looking promising.

On a more personal note, I am a South African who is currently working towards his honours degree in mathematics.

I look foward to being part of this community for a long time. :grin:


Hello from the west coast of Canada. I’ve had a dual boot laptop (ubuntu/Win10) for a few years now and found myself primarily booting to Linux. I decided to convert the laptop to only Linux and for the last few weeks I’ve been trying different distros and ending up with Manjaro Deepin as the OS. I really like the Deepin environment.

I’m a Chemical Engineer who has mostly worked in the tech and electrical utility industries. I always seem to end up being the “local” helpdesk at work and with family.



Hi, from jimmy,
I am retired engineering tech in my 70’s, now enjoying time with family, playing games, working puzzles, gardening and working on my family history. A lot of my career was spent in computerized control systems analysis and repair. The most OS used was DOS/Windows from ver 1.0. I used Linux Ubuntu some. So I am a beginner in Linux and after much reading, decided to use Linux Manjaro Xfce as my new learning tool. I have found many fine people and good information in your forum. I want to give a warm HELLO to all of you.


Howdy, long time Manjaro user, first time to the forums.


Hi all,

I’m a software engineer, been doing that for… around 12 years now.

I’ve been using Linux out of my personal interest for all college years and, since then, Ive been trying to keep up as much as I could, but my work mainly revolves around Windows OS (company policies). I’ve had a chance to teach Linux OS and some OS programming concepts, last year, mostly Debian and Raspbian (playing with Raspberry Pi).

Now, after a lot of thought and investigation, I’ve decided to leave known behind (Debian land) and try out Manjaro. Ordered a decent lenovo machine and once it comes in, it’s launch time :wink:

I’m looking forward to staying here.


Good luck. And have fun.
You won’t regret having chosen manjaro. The arch ecosystem is great.
And welcome to the forum!


Four weeks in…and after 10 years of linux I can honestly say that this is the only distro where I just haven’t used the command line! Love it so far

AUR has everything you could want, a nice way to browse what there is would be nice though


However, Manjaro can really demand the command line when it breaks. - It isn’t as often as with arch, but it happens. - Also with me. And I’ve been using Manjaro for 2 years now.
However, I also only learned to use the command line (coming from Linux Mint) since using Manjaro and with help of this helpful community here. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the warm welcome. Cheers :beers::beers:

BTW I plan to use i3 and command line as much as possible. I did see great GUI tools in Manjaro, so it will be fun to try these out too! Back in the day, some 15 years ago, it was pretty usual to compile your own kernel with all you need. Im getting old.


Hi all :vulcan_salute::nerd_face:,
middle-aged computer geek from Europe here.
Started with 1980’s home computers (BASIC, Assembler). Was introduced to UN*X and C at work, and I liked these. So since late 1990s I am always using and exploring various GNU/Linux distros (and occasionally some BSD). First contact with the Arch world was on Raspberry Pi where I use archlinuxarm only (no GUI). Whenever possible I carry around a lightweight netbook, and since a few days it’s powered by Manjaro XFCE. Installing was very easy, everything just works, and it looks great too. Big thanks to the makers of Manjaro, you made a really good thing.