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lol, YES!! And Donald Sutherland was a bizarre Hawkeye.
It’s also bizarre that “Look at me, I’m from rural Maine!” Alan Alda-as-Hawkeye sure sounded like a New Yorker. I always described him as Groucho Marx with a stethoscope :wink:

He was a good TV dad/grandad, too.
If you watch interviews with Harry Morgan, the character’s humanity was one of his favorite parts of playing him, and it really shows. I’d clean a latrine for that guy.


What I thought was great about the Col. Potter character was the complete contrast to Henry except in the ways that mattered. And who can forget Harry Morgan’s first appearance as a barking mad general.


Oh, good old General Steele. I only saw that episode quite recently, and it was such a trip!

I think the show got a lot more refined as time went on. It start out as a bunch of frat boys in Korea, but it turned into something really meaningful and humane. The war protest theme matured a lot from something on the level of college student protests to something more like Bob Dylan.

But that’s enough on MASH, lest we get split off to our own little MASH thread! :joy::rofl:


Hello Mates,
I am new on Manjaro since 2 days.


I installed Manjaro 18.0.2 yesterday.
I’m going to be going back to school for CCNA/Network Admin program and I haven’t been in Cisco stuff for years so I want to practice ahead of time. Packet Tracer is challenging on router stuff because for some reason they didn’t provide full router config’s but PT is great for switching. I discovered GNS3 for routing stuff which oddly enough kind of sucks for switching. Well, I got tired of Windows 10 for both because it severely dogged the system and despite what GNS3 says running their VM in VMWare workstation player doesn’t really help.

I tried Cisco Devnet sandboxes but that’s too advanced for now until I go after CCNP and CCIE or network development stuff.

So I tried PT and GNS3 in Ubuntu, Ubuntu Budgie, Kubuntu, (all flavors in 18.04 and 1810) and Fedora Core 29. All of them had problems with GNS3 in one way or another.
I heard Manjaro was easier than Arch but still confusing compared to the Ubuntu crowd or even Fedora so I avoided it for the longest time.

It’s taking a bit to get used to Pacman and not having pre-built packages like apt-get or DNF.

However after finding a great tutorial on installing GNS3 and all it’s needed packages It’s been going great. Manjaro is faster on my platter drive than Fedora or the Ubuntu tribe was on my USB 3 SSD drive.

So far all I can say is wow about the apps that come pre-installed and the ones that are readily available.

I like the KDE/plasma of Manjaro far better than OpenSuse Leap 15 or Fedora Core 29 and they’re supposedly the fastest, most stable KDE distros out there.

The main reason I started using Linux in dual boot more heavily again was that I hate using a terminal emulator in Windows and even though Solar Putty is far better than old putty by itself it’s still slower than molasses. I didn’t think it was possible but I think KDE’s Kterminal is even faster in Manjaro also. I love the multiple tabs of Kterminal and it is working great with GNS3 in Manjaro.

Now I have to tackle Packet Tracer.

Great job to whoever came up with Manjaro.

Ooooh, and I have to say this… While WPS office is a gargantuan improvement of epic proportions over Libre or the old open office, I still can’t abide any of them and I’ve gotten used to Microsoft Office through the years and my school has given me the online version of Office to use for free so I love the little “widgets” for Office online. It’s a time saver. No other Linux distro I’ve seen has that… So a billion thumbs up for that.

At this point, the only reason I keep Windows 10 around is my 7-year-old daughter and my 14 yr old son like to play Roblox with me and it crashes on Wine so,… keep windows it is.


Just wanted to ditch windows/microsoft for privacy concerns, have been trying out many distros/DE for weeks (ubuntu, mint, mx, debian, antergos) but settled with Manjaro Xfce in the end.

So far experience is pretty good. A linux noob but an IT person so yeah, learning curve is not that bad. What painful was getting nvidia optimus to work but then I figured, it was worth it.

Glad to be part of the Manjaro family.



Hey there,

I am using Manjaro for a few months now. Tried many Linux distros in the past, but Manjaro is my favorite so far. I use GNOME as my DE. I regularly try other DEs to come back to GNOME after all.



Howzit bru…

New to Linux myself. I’m a Windows sysadmin trying to broaden my horizons. Manjaro is top of the distrocharts at the moment so I’m starting my journey here. Glad to see a fellow Saffa on here.



Same for me. Windows sysadmin by trade, trying to broaden my horizons and protect my privacy


Hey there ^^
I was a mint user (with dual boot for playing games), and i decided to jump to Manjaro, and I 'm in love with it (except for a little problem with the battery).
I’m a university student in Spain and love to learn new things.


Hi there,

I’m from Malaysia which is located at South East Asia. I’m a teacher cum electronic engineer and I’ve used Linux for the past 5 years as a secondary machine since all my computing and and daily needs were using Windows. But recently I’ve decided to jump ship from windows to Linux as my daily driver and I’ve choose Manjaro. The first time I’ve installed Manjaro KDE i had lots of complication of not booting into live cd and many more and decided to stick with POP OS and Ubuntu but then decided to try ad install Manjaro and fix what is not working with the help of the forum and stackoveflow. Now I’m running Manjaro Gnome with optirun.


(for everyone else here … optirun is not a framework or system config… it is a command … and a legacy one at that … for those using nvidia/intel dual graphics and bumblebee primusrun is generally preferred … and only for certain applications)


Been using linux for all except gaming for about 10 years, briefly using pclinuxos, mostly buntus and trying the rest. I’m from the UK.

A few years ago I realised that what I like is the gnome DE. Tried everything out there but nothing was quite right. Manjaro is the only ready prepared gnome experience worth having, the others need ages of tweaking before you are away. I’m happy too with the theming. This is the first distro I am happy just to install and get on working with without personalising

I’m no more than an average user so I am aware I could break this quite easily. Went to uninstall a few apps I don’t need, and was freaked out by the dependancy warning. Decided not to uninstall anything and I think I’ll be fine.

Having tried gnome on just about every other distro, I can confirm that this is the best performance I’ve found. As laptops go, I don’t think there can be a nicer surfing experience than this

Excellent, two weeks in and very happy. If it remains stable then my distro hopping days are behind me