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Agreed! I was a Debian lover for years and years. Now I just installed a Pacman emulator for Raspbian on my RasPi. :joy:


Count on the internet to dredge up my most embarrassing moments… He was just a friend! I’ve got a wookiee wife and cubs back home on Kashyyyk!


Hi! Im from Indonesia, dual booting windows and linux from high school, now Iam in college and part away with windows completely :laughing: and i wont regret it!


Good for you! Freedom is worth the cost of having to learn some new tricks, and suffer a few inconveniences. I left Linux for Windows back in 2003 because I couldn’t get a parallel port scanner working — the sad and dumb irony is that it wouldn’t work in windoze, either! :rofl: Just a bit of ancient and unsuported hardware, under any OS*.

I’m glad to be running linux at home again, after spending 11 years supporting it at work :wink:

*Parallel port devices (other than printers), which used to be very common, are now useless, because none of the modern operating systems will allow a driver deep enough access to the guts of the OS to provide the precise timing for the lpt interface. That’s my understanding of it, anyway.


Hi everyone!! Person from czech republic joining in! After a short research and previous different VM’s , Manjaro became the linux of my choice. Love it so far, and i’m excited to be part of it. Already facing some issues with dualboot though, and I’d like your help… soo see ya in other threads, I guess. Keep manjarin’ ^^


Dobri den :slightly_smiling_face:



I’m from Switzerland and after using Ubuntu for a few years, I wanted to try a rolling distribution and came up to Manjaro. I’m still complete newbie with Linux as I only used Ubuntu for basic tasks but didn’t play much with the system. I installed Manjaro a few days ago and so far I’m really impressed with it. Everything works out of the box and pamac with AUR support is awesome. I really like the idea of a rolling distro but I was a bit scared to have stability issues. I’m expecting those will occur at some point but at least this motivates me to do a proper backup scheme, something I didn’t do with Ubuntu. So I’m looking forward to spending more time with Manjaro as of now :wink:

Kind regards


Hello everyone!

I moved to Ubuntu and then very quickly on to Xubuntu a few years ago.
Always had to dual boot with Windows 10 due to work requirements, but otherwise, completely converted to Lijnux.
Been messing with lot’s of other distro’s in Virtualbox on Xubuntu, and although still happy with Xubuntu have now got ‘triple’ boot with an extra Manjaro partition - I stayed with XFCE as I like it.

Wow, this is really great - thanks!
Super snappy.
AND, there were almost no wrinkles for me to iron out, which is good as I don’t have particularly deep skills in these things.
I also very very much like the fact that, ‘Manjaro is not backed by some large corporation and solely held up by the team, the community and some sponsors that are willing to dedicate their time and resources to develop and improve Manjaro’ which is worth a donation

Other than these forums - any ‘Manjaro-centric’ blogs or the like to feed my interest?

Also, seems to be a really friendly place too - more house points all round :slight_smile:



I quickly learned the importance of backups. Not because of Manjaro but because once I found Linux I became crazy about playing around with stuff. A little reckless some might say. Anyway, once you lose a lot of work it doesn’t take long before you develop a good backup plan


These are all the same reasons I joined as well. GREAT community on here, very helpful, and tons of resources. You can join the #manjaro chatroom on IRC and I also follow the manjaro group on mastodon

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Thanks Schulidr, I didn’t even know what Mastadon was.


Hello! :smiley:

I am new and have a fresh install of Manjaro Deepin. I would like to give a big and warm heartfelt thank you to everyone involved who made this distro. My main computer is a chromebook. I lived with galliumOS using xfce desktop based on Ubuntu for chromebooks. For those that don’t know, getting linux to work takes special care. I thought I would have to resign myself to good enough but then I discovered Arch and Manjaro. I even did an Arch install that took me close to 12 hours to complete. I wanted to see for myself how things fit together.

I came away with a great appreciation for all the hard work and dedication it takes to create and maintain something like a linux distro.

I do like the XFCE edition of Manjaro as well, but I really love Deepin. Everything worked out of the box and correctly. It’s fast, beautiful and easy to use. I love the Manjaro ecosystem and am a convert :smiley:

Again, thanks for all the hard work that everyone puts in and the community for sharing information and tutorials. I’m one happy camper!


Been using Manjaro for a while. I have tried Linux quite a few times and always went back to Windows.

Then Windows got so bad I couldn’t take it anymore. So I decided to go for Linux for good. Went to distrowatch, picked the most popular one, like the sheep I am, and said “I will force this until it works”. So I did.

I have learned a lot ever since then and I am absolutely loving it. Using my computer feels so much less dirty now :smiley:


Hello, This wonderful distro is supposed to be a new future for my 2012’s Macbook.
Thanks to everyone who created such a good forum here.
Hello, my Linux skills are rather low to medium.
My interest lies in privacy applications.
I could already set up OPENVPN (also with the help of the forum descriptions).
Also Truecrypt and Tor-Browser could be installed without problems and runs well.
Next I will try MUTT!
Thank you very much, I’m looking forward to many exciting Manjaro discoveries now!

Translated with


Hi from the UK.

I’m a long term Linux user and distro hopper who discovered Manjaro about three months ago. I’m using the KDE edition and to quote Col. Sherman T. Potter, “there’s not enough oohs in smooth.” So far I have had no problems at all, apart from a couple of minor self-inflicted ones.

Thank you to the team for producing such a good distro.

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Now there was a man’s man. The true mensch. One of my favorite characters of any T.V. series I can think of. Come to think of it, I would have watched if he was commanding the Enterprise. It would have been very weird, but that’s how much I love the guy.

We still watch MASH at my house almost daily. :wink:


The theme song is beautiful, until you listen to the lyrics.
Col. Potter was a good adoptive da to Radar O’Reilly.