New to the forum, introduce yourself



A warning …if you want blackarch, install blackarch. Adding their mirrors or similar will lead to breakage.
(see any number of threads on the subject)


would you recommend uninstalling the tools and going for a dual boot setup? black arch sucked for what i needed it for and parrotsec had everything but HDMI output working (countless times trying to get it to work too)


If you just installed the tools you like/need then that is fine… I am only speaking to adding their repos.
If thats the case then undo that and yes use a VM or dual-boot or whatever.


i see, nah I installed only what i needed using a .sh script. none of the repos was physically added


I see. I would still inspect the script for what it did, in case.


does the problem come from adding the repos themself in?


I agree with previous poster. Hopefully mods will split this and/or @xLeGeNDx starts a new topic.
It was only intended to be a passing warning to a new user.
This is not the place for support :slight_smile:
Welcome everyone!


Hello Everyone.
I’m brand new to the forum and thought I’d introduce myself.
I live in Brisbane, Australia and I’ve been interested and I’ve been getting more invested in Linux for the last 2 years. I still dual boot on my gaming rig, but looking to do more on linux.

I initially switched to xubuntu on an asus zenbook type laptop that didn’t have a very large hard drive. A win 10 update rendered it useless. I was sold when I saw how easy it was to breath new life into it by installing linux.
I’ve setup my kids laptops with Linux mint and I’ve distro-hopped quite a bit on my old Nvidia gaming PC.

I’ve been voraciously consuming podcasts, youtube channels and collecting some of the magazines from the newsagents. This is the first Linux forum I’ve posted on.

This new Dell laptop I’ve got has an AMD Ryzen. I’ve wanted to use KDE and Manjaro sounds attractive from its recent chart topping performance on the Distro Watch website.

I’m still learning about Manjaro and I love the richness that KDE offers. I’m experiencing a couple of issues on this laptop, which I’ll post about separately.

For now its hello Manjarites!
I like what I’ve seen of the Manjaro community so far and look forwards to becoming part of it and learning more about Manjaro and Linux in general.


It’s amazing to me how many people have done or are doing exactly what I did when I switched over. I don’t game so the switch to Linux was pretty seamless for me aside from a day or two of stressing that I’d never get it back if I really wanted it. I think you will find this forum to be incredibly helpful for any issues you are having currently or in the future. It’s always exciting to meet new people!


Hello all.
Not new to Linux ,first try was Redhat on floppy disks.Failure.Distro hopped for years.I became an avid follower of Theemans OS Ultimate Edition. Lately went downhill.I have been searching for a new distro or two to replace it.I triple boot couple of linux and Windoze 10.Only reason still runniIng mickey is games.Older than dirt but still play some classics and newer stuff .Manjaro for a lIttle while now.May use it for my main,for the important stuff. Seems very flexible.So this eternal noob says.hello from totoland USA.


Heyo People,
i am Simon and this is my first Linux distro. . Manjaro is the perfect option to replace my
lame Win 10 s. I will use it for important work at Uni / Hoschule / College and for some
private projects either. Currently I work as a specialist in computer science with a focus on system integration. I hope you enjoy Manjaro as i do too. Ich bin denne mal wech as i would say when i talk to my friends. @Diablo1 like your wallaper :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hello I’m new to Manjaro, been using Ubuntu distro for many years.
Is an attempt to also move out from vmware and use VBox.
Hopefully all this change will work :slight_smile:
forgot to say I’m from Italy


welcome to our little world, hope you enjoy yourself


Totoland (Wizard of Oz)… that’s Kansas (or part of tornado alley) for everyone else. :grin:


please post in the newbie section, not here. - This is the introduction Thread for new users.


Hello all.
Jason from South East UK. Been round the houses a little with Linux over the last 5-6 years and finally settled on Manjaro. Love the way it looks and especially the fact that I can use it to run Mixxx for DJing. Having a few issues there but that’s another story and another post in the apps forum…
Running Manjaro on a new 8th Gen Intel NUC. Loving it.
Nice to be here and hello.


The DE to use should be a matter of comfort for your friend… I came from Windows 7 and older so For me, Cinnamon Is a GREAT transitioning DE to Linux… though there ARE DE’s that resemble IOS so have the friend Youtube the DEs see what they like…


I first tried Manjaro a year or two ago along with Mint. I was and still am a noob at Linux. I ended up going back to Windows because no Linux distro could control my monitor backlight easily and I had audio problems. I also had apps that are Windows only. Now I don’t use those apps anymore, so I thought I should try Linux again. I knew Manjaro was my favorite. Rolling release and AUR are my favorite features. I remember reading an article about Deepin and got that version of Manjaro. And… I got static and whine in my audio. Once it booted up, it went away. I was surprised that changing my backlight works. This flavor of Manjaro has its own issues. Most importantly, I can’t flip my screen off without suspending and lack of options in settings. I switched to KDE, which is what I used to use and wow. It looks so good. My backlight settings work now and the audio problems are gone. I just had to use non-free Nvidia drivers to get my screen to not be glitched, but that’s fine. I encountered an issue with Steam that I didn’t have in Deepin, but I fixed it by just rebooting. That’s where I am at now.


Hi guys!
Like some of you, I’ve run Linux at home off and on since the late 90s. I was even a Linux-focused sysadmin (and before that a Linux-focused security analyst) for a total of 11 years. So, I’m not a newbie to linux or unix, but my specialty was security, reporting and scripting, not figuring out how to make hardware work – that has made me feel like a n00b all over again! :sweat_smile:

My first exposure to linux was RedHat 4.0 in 1997. I got an infomagic cd set with several distros, and I chose redhat (for reasons I can no longer remember).
It was fascinating, but I could never get XFree86 to give me more than 640x480 on my 800x600 laptop (those were the days where you hand-edited XF86Config files, and hope your horizontal and vertical refresh rate guesses didn’t blow up your monitor! :joy:)

I’ve used RedHat (old 6.2 up to Enterprise 5), Fedora (Core 1), Debian (Potato, Woody, Raspbian Jessie & Stretch), Ubuntu (Dapper Drake, Edgy Eft, Feisty Fawn, Hardy Heron, and Intrepid Ibex), and now Manjaro. ^___^

  • If you really know your distros, you’ll see a fairly wide gap in my usage

I started off trying Antergos, because someone on reddit recommended it to me, but I didn’t have much luck with the installer. Now I’m quite happy with Manjaro (been using it about a month). I’ve had some Arch purists deprecate it a bit, but I’m actually glad to be separated from the rawness of Arch by a little bit. I think Arch is great – it’s like running the testing branch of Debian – if that’s what you want. I’m glad for the little bit of buffer time that Manjaro takes to make the packages don’t break anything (hopefully :sweat_smile:)

I’ve run linux on the aforementioned laptop (Dell Latitude XPiCD – sweet box!), a frankenstein Athlon box I made in 2002, and this Thinkad X200t I bought off ebay for $55 quite recently. I selected this fairly old laptop because it was cheap, and because it’s compatible with LibreBoot, which I will have flashed on here at a later date. The funny thing is that while I thought I would only use this computer for writing and a little coding (too old and slow for “real” work, I thought), I use it far more than my MacBook and iMac now. For one thing, using this old clunker has made me realize how awful the chiclet-style keyboards that Apple has made insanely popular are. They’re horrendous! But mainly, tooling around with Linux is a lot more enjoyable to me than MacOS, which I used to love and praise highly.

Cheers, and happy computing!

Thinkpad X200t ACPI & battery thresholds (compatibility & troubleshooting)

Hey man., I’ve been using manjaro since 2 months ago and find it very useful and also best for the programmers and manjaro also having a best packages of softwares and awesome tools which makes manjaro fantastic