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Hey folks. I’ve been running Linux off and on for about 12 years! Recently got a new laptop and decided I wanted to run it again, distrohopped for a second before trying Manjaro, and I love it! I came from debian based stuff mostly, and I love the rolling release so far, not to mention Manjaro encourages you to learn how stuff works without throwing you in the deep end right away. I’ve been using KDE, weird since I was historically a GNOME person.

Anyway, howdy from the Great Lakes!


Introduction - I have been testing several distros in Virtualbox. I am posting from Debin now.

My click through Virtual build of Manjaro XFCE 18 booted, but pegged out CPU usage @ 100% using firefox.

I’m looking to stick Linux on an Acer X551MAV and am going to search around fo others experience before posting qurstions.

Off to search, cheers, thanks for this place.


Hello, everyone. I’ve been using Linux for almost 2 days now! :smile:
Luckily, I fairly quickly happened to find Manjaro, and after using the KDE desktop for a while, settled on xfce.
I’ve been using computers since the mid 80s, and was at one time considered a “power-user”, mostly because I was too cheap to buy a new system, but instead opened the case and started upgrading things. Moving jumpers, setting IRQs, partitioning and formatting new drives…
Been using Windows 7 for some time now, but have recently been wondering about switching. Just too much unwanted stuff in Win10 for me. I like to configure the computer to do what I want, not the other way around.
Having tons of fun so far…!

Warren Lieuallen, DVM, PhD
retired Veterinary Pathologist
current Ballroom Dancer


Hello everyone!

Brand new to linux in general. Kind of jumped in head first and belt flopped Haha. Got a new laptop today and instantly put Manjaro on as my OS and deleted windows (so no dual booting or running alongside) Instantly had trouble with my wifi but figured it out thanks to this forum. Can check my post of anyone you know is having the same issue.

But I digress. Happy with my system now and has everything I want and more. Excited to be a part of this community and ready to learn and find out what I can really do with this set up! From what I have seen most people are by far more experienced with with Linux in general as this is literally my first day even using an open source OS of any kind. Hope you all will have me and everyone have a wonderful day!


Hello fellow Linux adopters!

Not new to Linux… way back when I dabbled in Redhat but seemed to always end back in the Windows world. Worked in IT for the first half of my carrier before moving to the Audio/Video field so I have worked with MS since DOS all the way up to Windows 10. I have two programs that will only run in Windows: “Lutron RadioRa2” and “URC Accelerator2” so I have to keep my laptop dualboot in order to be able to program and update those two apps. If those two companies ever release Linux version of there programming apps then I will be 100% free of Windows!

I just found Manjaro by accident really as I was reading an article about deepin and found its interface to be stunning so when I went looking to download it I came across Manjaro and did some research on it and found it to be a much better distro (I believe it is ranked 3rd?) so thought I would try it out with the Deepin desktop.

Coming from Ubuntu (never really liked it and kept going back to Windows 10) I had some issues with the Manjaro installation and ended up having to nuke and pave my laptop (old IT phrase) but after getting it installed alongside Window 10 I am glad I stuck with my original instinct that it would be worth it as it truly is a great distro and the deepin desktop environment is just so nice to look at… simply beautiful!

Also the community here is great! Folks were more then happy to help me along the way with my install and some BT issues and now my Manjaro is 100% perfect and I am just starting to explore and tweek! Already have Google Calender setup and Jango though Nuvola.

Perhaps I will report back here in a year after using Manjaro with updates on my thoughts!


Hi all,

Brand new to Manjaro, but have dipped my toe in Linux since the release of the first Ubuntu (though not to any real depth), finally decided to kick Windows into touch when Steam released Proton, as gaming had been my only reason to stay on Windows. So far I haven’t tried any other distro as a daily driver as I’m more than happy with Manjaro.

Currently running a intel i5 2500k (looking to upgrade soon to AMD CPU), MSI Z87-GD65-GAMING MOBO, AMD Vega 56, 16 GB RAM, samsung SSD 250GB (OS) and Crucial 240 GB SSD (home mount point | soon to be upgraded to 8TB HDD RAID).


Heeejjjj Wouter. Lukt t een beetje met Manjaro? Groetjes uut Grunn


Central NY here. Primarily a mac user for the past 20 years. Prefer linux on any of my non-apples when I can get away with it. (gnome all the way)

Been using linux as a hobby on the side for about 5 years, made it my daily driver (on my PC) about 6 months ago. Used Ubuntu until a couple weeks ago, so far so good on Manjaro. I like the roller, it seemed the point upgrades always ended up with a reinstall on other distros I used. Took me a few days to work out little issues, but everything looks good and solid now for a good timeshift mark for future issues.

I know just enough to get myself in trouble. Is there such thing as an experienced newbie?

My setup so far: Manjaro stable, gnome, Yaru theme, Timeshift and Deja backups. DYMO label printer. 3 Displays. VirtualBox for my work Windows-only stuff.

Fixed: Timeshift wasn’t following its schedule, Dymo labels weren’t printing from glabels, burning CD’s from Virtual Box (for radiology, windows only app)

Still working on: Getting airpods to work reliably. Changing the Dell boot splash after grub to something like plymouth, even though it is just a couple seconds, I like it. Change the green colors on the login/lock password entry screens, and green highlights on login screen.

I look forward to someday giving advice instead of asking for it. If anyone has any questions about re-creating something in my setup, I’ll be happy to help. I tweak my gnome setup to be similar to a mac, but not a clone, I take advantage of the options gnome gives me. If you are similar, and a first time user, I can give you some quick changes to make you more comfortable.


Radiologists may like Aeskulap and Aliza. :slight_smile:


Hi all,

I am from Germany! I started on Linux Mint about 3 yers ago and switched to Manjaro a week ago. I love it and I appreciate the work put into this distro.



New in Manjaro but not in GNU_Linux (Ubuntu, Mint, Debian…)
Hope to learn a lot.


Welcome. :slight_smile:


Hello, comunity!
I’m from Brasil.
Feel just like @fatboy about Manjaro.
But I’m new in programing and just started using Linux.
Loved the time of response of apps at Mint but Manjaro has the most perfect design ever.
Aiming to help to improve the OS just made my first post. Please take a visit


Hello everyone!

I am from the Philippines, and I’m very new to Linux.

After many attempts and failures on installing Manjaro I finally got it working.

Loving it so far, great job guys!


Hello everyone.

I am from Sweden, and I’ve been using Linux back and forth since 2011-2012. But I would still consider myself a bit of a noob. I kinda know how to work around with the terminal but I am not a professional in anyway.

But I really like tinkering with both hardware and software. It is just so satisfying to get something to work they way you want it to work. Especially when you’ve been trying for days or even weeks.

I have mostly been using Windows my entire life, but started to use Linux more and more. My love for Linux started to bloom again after me and my friends wanted to have some game servers to play different games and then after I was done with the server tinkering I learned about DXVK.

Gaming was the big blockade but now with DXVK, Proton etc. I feel like gaming on Linux finally is gonna be more accessible. I will probably still stick with Windows for certain games that doesn’t work in Linux. But I will from now on use Linux as much as possible.

Cheers, guys!


Hello :slight_smile:
I’ve just installed the latest KDE and am absolutely thrilled; everything works so well and I’d been able to find information on the forum easily, so have managed to install things I’d thought may be a problem. I’m bowled over, and want to say a massive thank you for the distro, to the team and all the compilers and people involved. A little special thank you for the AUR Paintstorm app; when I first came over to Linux in May 2017, I’d made the leap early as the Paintstorm Linux version had been released, but unfortunately couldn’t get it to run on any other distros … until today! What an incredible Christmas gift. Thank you so much.


Hi. I’m Tony.

My first experience with Linux was in 1996 with Slackware… Lasted about a week. In 1997 I tried again but this time with Redhat. I liked it… Well I liked to terrorize the IRC network and Linux was a good tool for that (BitchX, teardrop, jolt, nestea, etc). I later on became Sysadmin and used RH over the years until they went comercial. I then switched to Fedora but didn’t liked the release cycles and some incompatibilities I found back then.

I jumped back and forth between Windows and CentOS over the years until one night I was writing an essay with some advanced latex graphics and the file, one of my professors sent me, didn’t want to compile. My tex version was almost 3 years outdated but it was the latest on CentOS. I switched to Ubuntu.

To be honest, I never liked Ubuntu’s “warm” colorset but you could change it. It served me well until one day someone decided to push “Unity” on me… I was trying to leave Windows precisely because I didn’t like to be told what and how to use my computer and now I had “Unity”. I dumped the distro next day.

3 years ago I found Mint. Cool distro. I decided to move permanently from windows to Linux on my work computer and home laptops. It wasn’t easy but I managed.

Recently, I started to get fed up when my 17.3 mint suddently got outdated by 18.0 and when I finally considered formating and upgrading, 19.0 was announced. What the hell? I started to look for alternatives and suddently something called manjaro popped up in Google. “What iz diz?”, I thought and checked it out. “Rolling updatez” sounding wierd but appealing so I downloaded the live cd, put it on a pen and…

Formated all my personal computers the next day and haven’t looked back ever since.

Manjaro or death.



Welcome. However a bit of warning: Manjaro as rolling release needs more attention then plain, boring Mint. Read announcement pages to check if there are any issues to fix - they happen from time to time as on rolling releases all changes constantly underneath and no one can predict the future and consequences of certain setups (hardware x software x configuration) so things may get messy sometimes.
A good practice is to do backups before update, just in case. Also get to know pacman and how AUR works. After some time it get easy and you tend to forget that there were even any issues, because so non-problematic they were in the long run. However some do have more serious breakages - all is possible. Manjaro can be stable and reliable for years or break in few updates. I never had such breaking event in over 3 years I’ve been running Manjaro (on various computers) but some do report them, so be ready and have backups.


Hello everyone, good to be here. As most of you I am not new to linux. I have been using linux since 1997 when RedHat was around before #Fedora. I went through school and college using this magnificent piece of OS and I am still “loving it”, though I don’t like McD’s that much but like the saying. :smiley: I hope to get along with everyone thou I think that might be impossible but I’ll give it a try. I have been traveling a lot and I got to say that #Manjaro is impressive to my eyes. Any how, good to be here. :smiley:


Thanks for the heads-up. I read that manjaro might be not the best idea for servers so I’m keeping mines with centos and Ubuntu.

Regarding upgrades, I learned years ago the advantages of Timeshift and I use it religiously. It has saved my bacon more than once, especially when messing with graphic drivers. It’s the first app I install after a fresh OS installation.

I’ll make sure to read the announcements and feedback before hitting that update button :+1: