New to the forum, introduce yourself




Tried Linux a few years ago. No real need for it, just trying to learn a new thing.
Somehow the idea stuck on my head and I decided to come back to it.

So, with a spare SSD drive, i decided to give this another go, and installed Manjaro (GNOME and i3wm at the same time!). I’m a total newbie, but willing to try and learn.


Hi all, I am from Indonesia. Been using Linux since 2002 when there were Slackware, Redhat, and Mandrake era :slight_smile: I use Linux mostly for servers, Linux desktop using Slackware with XFCE because it was very fast and stable . Since 2011 switched to mostly using MacOS until the beginning of this year when I tried Manjaro Deepin. Woww… I fall in love with Manjaro Deepin and enjoy using it. I even consider to sell my Macbook Pro laptop to totally switch to Manjaro :smile: :wink:


Hello everyone!
algerian student here, started using linux at the very beginning of this year and it was one of the most amazing choices i made, I saw a manjaro deepin review on youtube and that pretty much started it all, i’ve used different flavors since then, became a fan of the idea of “ricing” and manjaro was there to provide the necessary steps for me to learn pretty much everything i needed, the community editions are simply a gem for new linux enthusiasts. i can definitely say manjaro has helped me as a beginner and would like to thank the manjaro team/community for the amazing job, I hope this distro keeps growing and making more people happy with their desktops.


I’m Persian and so happy to meet you finding Manjaro!
I’m a programmer but I use linux for regular works because of I’m an open-source fan and I love it’s logic!
after explore in linux world and trying many distro, I find best distro for any kind of works and that was Manjaro.
I think open-source philosophy is best philosophy


Hey everyone!

I’m a relative Linux newbie from the UK. I’ve been using the command line for a number of years (web developer) but have been craving a better experience due to frustrations with Windows 10.

I have been giving Manjaro (KDE) a try and absolutely love it! So much so that Windows is no more on my laptop. 2 weeks in I still haven’t worked out my Optimus issues, but I’ve been enjoying the learning experience and hope to have a working system one day soon :grinning:


Post your problem to forum. Usually people have problems with it because they over-complicate it coming from ubuntu world. Basically all you need to do is to install non-free drivers with mhwd (manjaro options) and reboot and it should work out of the box (as it was for me). However, some hardware setups don’t make it so easy and that may be the case for you.
I didn’t have even issues to play Witcher 3 to the end on my optimus laptop (with nvidia-xrun) so if all things are working, Manjaro can be a wonderful gaming platform.


Hi all,

My name is Wouter, and I have installed Manjaro Cinnamon today :slight_smile: I’m a software developer from The Netherlands, and have used Ubuntu and Windows in the past. For productivity/study reasons, I had to switch back to Windows, but recently I’ve build a new game pc (running Windows) so this made it possible to switch back to GNU/Linux on my dev laptop. :grin:


i am new to Linux in general and i took a while to choose a distro, and i guess i have settled on Manjaro.

i am not good at introductions, but i will be happy to participate =^-^=


Hello all

Been using Linux off and on since Ubuntu 6.04. But in 2017 I decided to look for a laptop that could run a Linux distribution. I been running Linux Mint now for over a year. I use LM on two Thinkpads a T500 and T520. the T520 is my main laptop. The T500 is used for testing. Now I am branching out to test myself.

I have a goal in mind that I would like to offer Linux to people with old PC and desktops that do not want a newer system. This currently is work in progress and I am testing Manjaro to be a Linux option I would offer. I am also testing other Linux distributions as well. In order to offer Linux I must understand how fix a regression if one occurs. I have one client now that I revived his all_in_one HP desktop which was in the closet. Now he uses it daily very happy.


Hey, everyone!

I just installed Manjaro about 2 months ago, and I’m having a lot of fun. However, I kind of went into this blindly, and didn’t realize the amount of regular maintenance that I would need to do every few weeks. I didn’t realize that I needed to keep up with the forums, read the announcements, or anything like that.

For the past two months, I’ve had no problems with updates. But I guess I didn’t realize how big the most recent update was, and now my desktop can’t get past the boot process. Where should I post to get this resolved?


Just write in Technical Issues and Assistance:

Give as much info as you can.


Hello, been using manjaro for almost 2 years now. i used arch on my desktop for a while but changed it to manjaro because it’s just too good.


using manjaro for few weeks, really enjoying it :smiley:
maybe one day I’ll be able to help someone, but for now I’ll be the one asking for help, mostly because of my love to experiments :sunglasses:



Thank you for allowing me to join in this forum.
I am new for Manjaro, but using Linux (*buntu) most likely office work only.

Can I ask here? why every time I screenshoot (rectangle), the desktop is logging out.

I am using Manjaro gnome 18.0, with vga card nvidia gt210, i have already install the proprietary driver as well.

thank you


Welcome aboard and enjoy!


Please start a separate thread for it.
I never heard about such behavior but it looks like a conflicts of shortcuts. Most likely the extension for screenshots is using some gnome global shortcut - at least that’s my guess, I might be wrong.


Hi there, I started my first steps into the Unix world with System-V based Unix some 30 years ago, worked with Windows since the 3.1 days and finally left the dark side with Windows 10 3 years ago.
Moved to KDE Neon, next was Kubuntu which I was really happy with. And then I tried figuring out if a Wifi driver issue will maybe work better with the most current kernel I could grab, so I booted Manjaro from a stick and was pleasantly surprised by how clean and easy things worked out. Even my #1 issue with Kubuntu regarding not being able to chose encryption+btrfs during installation was available. Unfortunately Manjaro didn’t fix my wifi driver issue but it got me interested enough to try it out.
So here I am with my Dell Precision Laptop, running Manjaro on BTRFS with KDE as DE. Migration went super smooth, everything I used on Kubuntu easily transitioned over and so far I really like what I see. Still learning the differences but unless I run into a showstopper in the next couple of days I am here to stay! And again up a notch on the geek scale :slight_smile:



Hi folks. Brand new to Manjaro but not totally new to Linux. But still nowhere close to being an expert! My computer life started way back in 1982 on Sun systems computers running 4.1 BSD. Man that was a long time ago! I remember very little about that OS now. Over the years I’ve run MS DOS, early versions of Windows ( as well as the latest and (sic) greatest versions), OS2 (all of the Warp versions), as well as a number of Linux distros. Recently I installed Manjaro and I have to say I’ve awakened my love of OS’s once again! Looking forward to filling my head with knowledge of this very fine OS. May the computer gods smile upon each and every one of us! :slight_smile:


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what DE do you use ?? asking for a friend…