New to the forum, introduce yourself



Hi I am from NY gettting ready for the winter wonderland. Brr lived here all my life still hate the winters. LOL… I just started on my Manjaro trip this past week. ( Word to the wise ) never install software and try to dual boot windows 10 and any form of linux while you are drinking lol…
Bad me Whiped out my whole windows 10 drive. Really bad me ( i never made any restore or back up cds lol) Oh well its no loss. I can do most things I want with linux anyway i’ve installed numerous distros over the years however always ended up going back to Windows due to Game support.
Recently i installed over hmmm. Over 6 different distros from, ubuntu, to fedora , and open suse just to name a few. While they all had their good things about them I was after 1 certain thing. Guild Wars 2 LOL… Yes alot to do just to get a game working so its playable.
So i finalized my choice of OS with Manjaro. It seems to be at least for my hardware anyway the best option. AMD CPU and GPU. Altho i have some tweaking to do still to get the FPS up a bit at least the game is playable.
I still have some other bugs to figure out ( such as not being able to play a single video in any browser on youtube) just seems to sit and spin with no action. That is another story.
So far I have been pleasantly pleased with manjaro’s ease of use, nice install, nice software packages and software/update package which makes staying up to date So easy. ( altho i’m not familiar with all the commands in manjaro yet for terminal) im sure its only a matter of time before i start doing manual updates from console.
Im not one for tweaks and hacks or making my desktop look like a mac although some of that is very pleasing to the eye. I haven’t had the time yet to LURK in the forums since as soon as i got GW2 workign i was off to continue my journey LOL. ( Yes all for a game ) .
Since i don’t see myself purchasing a copy of windows 10 just to install it and go back to the old boring stuff and wasting away my money on something when I can do just fine without it.
With Great Terminal Comes Great Repositories.


Hi all. Just posting in the new corner to say hi. I’m new to Manjaro and relatively new to Linux. I got my start by looking into options outside of Windows after my newly purchased laptop started acting up to the point I couldn’t find the issue. I resolved to dual booting at first and within a week Windows was completely deleted from my laptop and I’m full Linux now. Working on learning the command line and file structure. Feel free to chat if you’d like.


Dropping in on the intro thread… Relatively new Linux user, also somewhat driven to it by the need to escape Windows… I got my start in computers before windows a big deal, and am familiar with, and really enjoy terminals… anyways, I have wanted to get back into real computing for a while. Sadly my work is in a Windows dominated field, but for myself I got started in Debian environments, but it didn’t take but 10 minutes using Manjaro i3 for me to know that it was a keeper. No one else has a distro that is optimized for i3 like this one. I got i3 working sort of OK under a AntiX set up and an Xubuntu set up, but I seriously want to thank the folks who developed this natively-i3 Manjaro. You guys are totally my heros right now. :grinning: I am running it on a Leveno Netbook which is not strong on specs, but under this distro you would never know it was a baby laptop. So thanks to the team. I am hoping to get my programming chops back with some practice, and maybe one day help on projects like this.


Greetings from Germany. I’m not really a new linux user, as I’ve been using linux for 4 years now, mainly Xubuntu. In spring this year I switched to Manjaro with Xfce and now I’m making my first experiences with Awesome.


Linux à temps plein. J’ai jeté un coup d’œil au modèle roulant et j’ai opté pour Manjaro il y a environ neuf mois. Jusqu’à présent, je n’ai pas regardé en arrière et avec les informations de l’ancien forum et un certain nombre de mises à jour presque parfaites, je continue à rouler. Je suis sûr que ce nouveau forum deviendra rapidement la même communauté


Hi, i am from brazil, i just installed manjaro because i wanted a easy distro.
but mint software manager was full of outdate stuff.


Okay, let’s join the crowd. Been using Linux for quite a while now, with rare, and short, digressions in Windows. It started with Mandrake (now called Mandriva) under KDE, then switched to OpenSuse, still under KDE. When Plasma and my computer began to disagree, I switched to Linux Mint, under MATE. First experience with a Gnome-relative and DEB packages. After many years, when it was due time to go from version 18 to version 19, it got pretty complicated. Time for another change! The prospect of a rolling release was a very tempting idea. Manjaro had good reviews so I installed it, but stayed with a MATE desktop. It’s been around two months and, for the time being, I had only praises for that move.

This is my second computer with a rolling release distro. I have a portable one running Solus (Budgie desktop). And another portable one (old and rusty) is running on Q4OS (about one of the few who were willing to run on an antediluvian machine with a meager 512MB of ram and a 80GB hard disk). The last one I am keeping more for sentimental value, as updating it with more memory (both ram and disk) doesn’t seem worth the trouble.

By the way I’m Canadian, from the province of Québec, speaking both french and english (the first one being my mother tongue).


I have such a machine… “Old Tosh” is is called. 2005 Toshiba Satellite. 512MB/1-core Celeron. When it got to work it had no HDD at all and did stuff off Live USBs. Since got HDD. I got it running quite nicely with AntiX and i3. I want to see how it does with Majaro i3, when I get a chance. I keep it around mostly for experimentation and the memories :grinning:


Hello everyone!

I am new to Manjaro but not that new to Linux. I have tried it over the past 5 years with different distro’s but games always where a issue that forced me back to Windows. That, or manually installing my NVIDIA driver and getting a black screen, not able to fix it and then giving up.

I tried pretty much only Ubuntu based distro’s in the past and while it was pretty easy, the lack of program updates (and drivers) was annoying.

Then, I can’t remember how, I found out about rolling releases and eventually ended up here with Manjaro. Went with the Cinnamon desktop experience and so far I am loving it. Feels nice to have everything up-to-date for a change and receiving updates as well. The fact I don’t have to reinstall is a plus as well.

So far everything is going good. I even have WoW working and later I will try tonight Overwatch (thanks to Lutris BTW).

Another reason for me to stick with Linux this time was also because of Steam’s Proton and DXVK. I should be able to play most modern games these day’s.

Only problem I have at the moment is that I can’t get a VPN working so far. The built in Cinnamon is a bit confusing on what fields to fill. I recently discovered Qomui and so far that is perfect, albeit for the fact is can’t connect to my Black VPN. But that will be a topic for another time.

Anyway, another thing I must mention is that I love Manjaro/Arch(AUR). I never have to do annoying thins with PPA and the likes. I can get all that I want within the Pamac. Just amazing. Another annoying removed from Linux.

Anyway, that is my long “hello” for here. Thanks for reading if you made it this far!


Hello… I’m Rob… I am not new to Linux Nor Arch based Linux… though I will admit I used Linux Mint Longer than any other… I like Linux more than windows… I will say I like Manjaro more than I liked Antergos… so I will be on this for the forseeable future…


Just saying hello and thanks for accepting me to the forums. I’m your average distro hopper over the years but I love Manjaro since I found it and keep coming back to it time and time again. I recently bought a new Lenovo ideapad 120S-14IAP and Manjaro kde 18 runs great on it. Anyway, again thanks for Manjaro and look forward to meeting a few newbies as well as oldies in this forum…


We won’t hold that against you. :wink:

Welcome to Manjaro Linux! :smiley:


Greetings! I’m from Serbia and a Linux user for some time now. Started out with Ubuntu 8.04. Using Manjaro on an old computer because I dont like to spend money if I dont have to :smile: . Manjaro is the only distribution that allows me to use an older kernel with up to date software with a easy setup. I appreciate the hard work of the developers and the community to produce such a great linux distribution. I hope I can contribute to the community in a productive way from now on. Cheers ! PS: sorry for the spelling mistakes made in the post.


Hi, i am from Croatia and am currently having trouble installing manjaro on my laptop as a dual boot (problems with uefi, mbr etc). So im here to try and solve all my problems, since i am tired of windows8 and all the background services killing my cpu, ram and battery :slight_smile:


Hello. Let me introduce myself. My name is Sebastian. I am from Indonesia. I have been using Manjaro Linux since September 2018. My first distribution when migrating to Linux was Ubuntu. and I’ve used several Linux distributions including linux mint and opensuse. I tried installing Arch Linux, but I encountered a problem when I installed Windows Manager. I failed. so I tried another alternative based on linux arch. and I found manjaro linux. thank you manjaro linux.

I apologize if there is an incorrect grammar.


Howdy. Name’s Glenn. Spent my first half-century in Texas mostly. Since then I’ve spent most of my time outside the U.S., mainly Mexico/Central America. Now retired.

Worked tons of odd jobs, finally settled in I.T. desktop support, with a minor in server stuff. Did some front-end dev freelancing, mainly WordPress. First Linux experience was mid-90’s with Turbo Linux lol Since retiring I’ve finally been able to disconnect from Windows. Tried to set up a hackintosh but could never get it working on my new desktop, so it’s been all Linux ever since. Mostly Ubuntu/kubuntu. Currently enjoying Manjaro Deepin. I’d like to stick with that, tired of hoppin’ :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,
my name is Stefan and i am from Austria and studying ‘Information and Computer Engineering’. :wave::blush:
In the last 4 years i have used some Linux distros (Ubuntu, Mint, Arch). Last year i used Arch Linux for a while, because i really like the rolling release model and the always up-to-date packages.
Since i am not a linux guru, and i need my notebook for studying and my everyday life, i didn’t have that much time to configure my Arch Linux system. So now, with Manjaro Linux i think i found my favorite linux distro to manage my study and all other tasks. :slight_smile:


Hi all, I’m a user from South Africa. I’m a computer science student and have always been interested in the Linux kernel. My first distro was Ubuntu 16.04 and have been distro hopping since. I discovered Manjaro this June. Started at Gnome switched to XFCE, enjoyed XFCE a lot so I installed it on an old Sony laptop. Now I am using KDE, using Manjaro with the KDE DE I haven’t looked back at all.

The dev team is amazing and doing exceptional work. Thanks for the amazing experience and an enjoyable forum.:+1:


Hi everyone! I installed Manjaro beside Windows about two weeks ago and I’ve already been using it more than Windows because I love KDE :slight_smile: I hope to experience more awesome features from the amazing development team! Keep up the great work :heart:


Heyho everyone :wink: Name’s Marcus and i am from Vienna / Austria. I’ve been using Manjaro quite a while now. Thought it is time to show up in this forum too :wink: I am running a Manjaro / Windows Dual Boot, but Manjaro became my main OS. I started with MS Dos / 3.11 in 1990, with the age of 6 haha. Yeah … time flies. But especially since Windows 10 - MS became … let’s just say, Vista was AWESOME, compared to Windows 10, problem wise (And i liked the Design better hahaha)

For years, after SEGA canceled their consoles, i was playing 80% on PC. So i have a lot of games in my steam libarry (500+) , so i need Windows, only 149 of them, are running natively under linux. But because i am playing now mainly on Nintendo Switch and XBOX One, PC Gaming became less important for me.

I still play Games, but those i play, runs great under Manjaro!

My first “touch” with Linux was 2005, with Mandrake haha. Got it from a CD-Rom, packed with a magazine. It replaced Windows XP for me back then, and i fell in love. Then came Vista and i switched back to Windows. From time to time i tried some other distros out in a dual boot envoirement (Mostly Ubuntu since 2011) but i really fell in love with Manjaro since 2015! The Problem was, back then, it was unstable on my Core i5 System. Got random freezes, net try with it, was by the end of 2016 - Stable. It became my “testing” System and i finally moved to it, this Year (January). Windows uses 200GB + 1TB for Games, Manjaro uses both SSD’s, 2TB HDD Space and extra 500GB for Timeshift!

Great work to the Manjaro Devs! Awesome OS and for me (with KDE) absolutely awesome and beautiful!

Greetings :wink: PS: Sorry my english is a bit rusty … but no wonder - german is my primary language and i haven’t used english since about 15 years hahaha.