New to the forum, introduce yourself



Pacman is amazing. Before manjaro, I always felt like it took me less time to find software, and download/install it on a Mac, then install something in linux. After trying manjaro and Pacman, installing software takes absolutely no time, and now installing Mac software feels slow. Pacmans speed also perfectly fits the rolling nature of manjaro. A 1gb update takes Ubuntu like 45 mins, and Pacman like 10-15 mins.


I thought it was but then could only find mention of rc. I really meant the iso though as I customize my systems straight away so will probably miss seeing some of the out-of-the-box changes to the UI etc… :smiley_cat:


Agreed! Great package manager. Some stuff installed from the AUR can take a while though if it needs to be compiled, on my ancient hardware, anyway. I’m using Yaourt for the AUR by the way & have read it’s better to use something more current (although won’t help with compile times), but I’m happy with it.


I expect the AUR to be slow, and it can be at times, but usually waiting for the compile is worth it.


Hi, been using debian linux base for years and now harbor my things on manjaro :beers:


Hello everyone, I am Vaggelis from Greece.


Hi, i’m Nathan and I use manjaro :), among other distros of course I will not lie and say its my favorite but,… its pretty damn solid. I rely on manjaro as a primary-working system throughout the process of platform testing/developing, I find that when all else has gone to ■■■■, somehow the manjaro partition still manages to boot itself up! so that’s whats up,… anyway i’m not a typical linux geek actually you’d never think I was much of a nerd and geek as I am but i’m pretty sure i’m -bad- … hahah, anyways nice to meet you guys



I am new to this forum. I have tried Manjaro Linux several times, but I couldn’t recall that I’d ever entered the forum (and based on “discobot”, I am new to the forum).

I’ve been regularly using Linux since 1995, a few years after it’s initial introduction. I’d been following Linux practically since the earliest notes (and I’ve read them), but I did not have network access for a few years in the early nineties due to illnesses, and I started catching up on what I missed in 1995, when I bought my own system and acquired network access at that point. A few years later, I purchased a home broadband network service, and I’ve been a regular ever since.

My UNIX experience dates back to 1982, so when I jumped into Linux with both feet, I was quite familiar. The fact that I used GNU utilities on my UNIX systems made it nearly seamless to use Linux; the only thing I was altering was the hardware and the kernel (a Linux kernel instead of a UNIX kernel).


Hello everyone,

I am completely new to linux in general. I have used ubuntu for about 1 month and really enjoy everything so far. I was at a lcoal store looking build a linux machine and the person I was talking to highly recommended manjaro. So here I am using manjaro, I have to say in is the best looking one I have seen.

My set up is dual booting on a 2014 Mac Mini. 2.6 dual core, 8gb ram, 500gb samsung evo 850 ssd.

I am excited to dive into this and plan on doing a lot of reading in this forum.


I guess manjaro grew a street team and no one was notified…
True Story:
I accidentally spent 30-40 minutes at the pub yesterday being a manjarvangelist when someone made the mistake of mentioning linux and what they had been using :smiling_imp:
Apparently thats just a thing we do now.

Oh and welcome everyone. Whether you are here by the new conversion strategy or not.


hello everyone.

I am D.J. I am from Sulphur La. I am not really new to linux(mostly ubuntu/Deb style distros for years) or arch and arch based distros but pretty new to manjaro.

so far I am really enjoying Manjaro for how polished it is yet I can still use the knowledge I learned from going down the arch rabbit hole.

I previously had a build of arch on this laptop but neglected it for a year (it usually just gets used by the wife to pay bills in bed or when I am in the mood to play with linux distros) and when I finally tried to update it a few days ago I broke everything and since I don’t keep anything of value on this laptop anyway. I just wipe and install new distros on a whim and this is the one I decided to try this time.


You flatterer!, that makes us feel so special. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Have fun…
and a sense of humor…


I’ve been messing around with Distros (tried about 10) in Virtual Box for a while trying to find the one I want to dual boot. Like SUSE but ran into too many issues and after settling on Mint, I got frustrated with finicky network connections. Gave Unbuntu one more shot (yes I’m aware Mint is based on it) but had better luck EXCEPT getting my scanner to work.

Hit distro-watch once more and like the appearance of Manjaro sooo… one more distro before making my decision. GLAD I did! Here I sit in Manjaro inside Virtual box with my NAS connecting each time I boot it, printer works, scanner works and it’s GORGEOUS to look at in dark mode. :slight_smile:

A couple more days of testing and I’ll install it to dual boot. As long as I can get Photoshop to work (I abhor Gimps interface :frowning: ) and a few Steam games (FarCry, etc) to work I’ll be spending a lot more time using and learning it.

Anyway, thanks to the devs that continue to put their time into this and if I do settle on it, I’ll be donating to the cause for sure!


Hi Manjaro community! I’m a former distro-hopper but, thanks to your hard work, nowadays I stick with Manjaro (KDE) on most of my computers so I decided to come here and say hi!

I mostly do software development, but recently I’m trying to move in game-dev stuff (I’m currently doing video tutorials in Italian for the Godot game engine).
Oh and I like any creative process and with open source software you can do almost anything with complete freedom: Blender, Audacity, Gimp, Aseprite, Krita, LMMS, and many others :open_mouth:


Welcome to the forum @CrystalBit :slight_smile:

Benvenuto, fa piacere vedere altri Italiani :grin:


Grazie, fa piacere anche a me :smiley: :it:


Hi all i’m new to the forum, i’ve used manjaro for like 6 month by now. For now i’m very happy about thsi distro, i have installed Plasma as my DE. @CrystalBit @Lolix anche io sono italiano (se non si fosse capito dal mio “fantastico” inglese :joy: ).


Hello Friend.

My name’s DC. I’m from Washington in the States. Not Washington DC.

It’s fun reading all of the introductions here, how far of a reach Manjaro has and the lives it’s touched. I’m passionate about Manjaro. Been distro hopping since 1999, back in the Red Hat days, when USB was a new thing. Since then, mostly been using Windows as my daily driver for video games. I fell in love with Arch the moment I tried it a few years back. There were some things that didn’t work properly, but Manjaro made them work and seem effortless.

I knew that I would be getting rid of Windows completely by 2023, when Windows 8 is no longer supported, but got fed up after talking with a friend about developing games on Windows. It was an interesting conversation and I’ll sum up the bullet points here:

Microsoft makes it so difficult to develop video games, because you have to use Windows since that’s where the players are. You have to use Windows 10, since that’s what the players use, which means you have to use Windows 10 yourself to test your games, which means you agree to their policies, which also means you endorse Microsoft and Windows 10 to your customers. I was fed up. Made the switch right then and there. I only go back to update the bios in my mouse or to test some game.

But with Proton, if there’s some lazy Publisher that doesn’t support Linux, I won’t have to worry.
It’s a very exciting time.

Maybe you can relate to my story? If you can or can’t, I’ll still call you friend. Thanks for reading my story. Love for Manjaro.

New and wanted to say hi

I found myself the other day telling our office I.T. person about manjaro and googling pictures of how freaking beautiful the KDE interface is. I think I have yet converted some one myself!!!


Hi, my name’s Jeff. I live in Missouri and work for a major university in the state as an environmental compliance technician.

I’ve been experimenting with Linux since Ubuntu 9.04, I believe, back with the wubi installer. I started with Ubuntu and Ubuntu-based distributions, like Xubuntu, Mint, and Zorin, since they felt similar to Windows (especially using the gdebi installer to run .deb files like .exe, from the web).

Some time ago, I tried Spatry’s Cup of Linux Manjaro spin, but I didn’t quite know what to think of it at the time. However I started experimenting with Manjaro again a few years ago. I’m still experimenting with new releases of familiar distros, but I keep coming back to Manjaro.

I use Linux because I like challenging myself. I’m mostly a hobby user right now, installing it on a laptop and a backup hard drive on my personal desktop at home. I’m not quite ready to make the leap full time yet on my desktop, but I’ve been Linux exclusive on the laptop for a few years now.

I find myself coming back to Manjaro because of the rolling release and the ability to find just about every piece of software I need in the repos. While I still have a long way to go, I feel more comfortable with the terminal and I’m able to solve most problems I come across (most of which are self-inflicted). The community seems friendly and helpful, as I’ve been lurking on the forums for some time.

The biggest challenge for me now is finding out which DE I would like to work with primarily. The laptop runs Xfce well, though I’d like to tinker with GNOME. I’ve just not had a lot of luck with it on that particular machine as it’s older. I am strongly considering putting GNOME on my desktop though.

I like that Linux helps me develop computer skills I wouldn’t otherwise have. I like expanding my knowledge base and trying new things. Manjaro is just enough new things and familiar to keep me interested and sharp.