New to the forum, introduce yourself



Thank you, it’s quite normal for me… Anyway there is a wealth of documents and wiki here to help


hello everyone
I am Dan also known as savage arsenal, i have been addicted to linux since i began to learn i could make a computer pretty well do whatever i wanted it to with code, and linux is for anyone who loves having full control over all aspects of that code, i tinkered with all flavors of linux since 1997 when i began, i started with Red Hat 9 linux before fedora was born then i went to OpenSUSE until the Novell thing went down, after a break i went onto ubuntu before it became unitybuntu and loved it because it just worked then unity happened i began to compile my own Gentoo then soon arch linux for a bit, soon after i crashed my arch build (i tinker alot under the hood) i moved for abit to a project known as linux mint 1 slowly i watched that grow and it is cool but was to locked down much like Ubuntu, i moved to Manjaro after a search for a arch system i didn’t have to repeatedly build ( mind you architect linux and Antergos are a option but i just wanted my system to run out of the box this time around) i have been using Manjaro on and off for about 2 years in the background (rarely need to use forums to get help as i tinker enough to figure it out) i am trying to be less of a solo player and involve myself in a few open source projects.


Hi everyone! Herkese selamlar!

I’m Baris from Turkey. My GNU/Linux adventure started a couple of years ago with Ubuntu but I’ve never been so avid about it until I got bored of Windows and started to try various distros. I mainly used Debian-based ones so “The Arch Way” was kind of a new case for me. I finally managed to install bare Arch after several hours of tinkering around, but it didn’t last long. Then I found Manjaro. It has the coziness of Arch and works out of the box. I truly loved it so far!


Been using Ubuntu flavors but then found Manjaro. Their theming of DEs is awesome. Now I’m here!


Hi people.
Has been using Debian flavors mostly (especially Ubuntu, and its lightweight siblings, but actually started out with CentOS and Fedora [both derived from RedHat Linux]) for the last eighth years. Found about Manjaro last week. Immediately charmed at its ability to make a system useful from the get go. I normally need to spend a few days on even something like Ubuntu 18.04 to install additional software.

I think that the only thing that actually does hurt any advertisement of Manjaro is the moment when someone mentions that it is based on Arch Linux :scream: (that’s the moment when most sane people start running for the hills) - I heard about Arch Linux itself back in 2011 when I was still at the local Technical university…was immediately dissuaded.

That Manjaro has such a massive success is just showing how better it is in what it does.


Interesting, I thought that is a pro thing and most people will be positively interested because of that. At least that is my experience and I see others reacting the same way. People love Arch, they only fear it’s installation and maybe a bit of running it (cutting edge, rolling stuff) but Manjaro takes those fears away and that is why so many people are interested in it.

Maybe pacman itself is not as intuitive as apt (newest pamac commandline tries to solve that) but it’s very fast and produce clear, comprehensive output so people love it and there is a simplicity in running rolling, cutting edge system - only newest packages are the right packages. No versions, no confusion, no ppa’s, no re-installs, most programs are within repo and AUR which makes you forget about reading “how to install”.

And when you read about some new, exciting stuff, you know you already have or will have it soon, so no need to add ppa’s or snaps or flatpaks to get the newest greatest, you are up to speed. It’s a freeing experience.


Hi from Australia!

New to Manjaro (have been on Solus for a year or so) wanting a more involved community so I can improve my knowledge of Linux…

Loving KDE and Manjaro testing so far…


Hello @danger89 the purpose of this thread is to introduce yourself (which I see you did some days ago) not to introduce your problems :grin:, open a dedicated topic for that, Thanks :wink:


Double too :slight_smile:


Greetings all,

As a new to the linux community tho I ve tried other distros like ubuntu, kubuntu, lubuntu, elementary os, etc but I dont really get into it (just a child who wants to try a new system). I am a huge fan of linux, in fact I ve been using windows for almost entire of my life (now I am totally switching from windows to linux) but I do find linux is a great system, beautiful and most importantly what makes linux great is the community, cos life is all about sharing, caring and loving each other and the forum is the great place to do such of things.

Here I hope we can help each other and keep manjaro the greatest distro ever.

Thanks you guys,
love from Indonesia.


Hey guys,

I’m not new to Linux but I am new to Manjaro. Just finished getting my dual-boot of it up and running and configured to my liking. I’m using the KDE version and loving it!!! :smile: I’ve used KDE before with Kubuntu but I love how much more configurable Manjaro is. I’m loving Manjaro because I feel it has the perfect balance of being user-friendly yet extremely configurable.

I’m a developer. I was using Windows on my personal work laptop but it was getting really old and despite the Linux subsystem it has I started missing being in a full true Linux system. I came across Manjaro and decided to get into it to be reminded of the power of a true Linux system and Manjaro does the best I’ve ever seen at showing that off. Now I can go back to actually enjoying the environment I’m working in.

Note to the Manjaro devs You guys rock!!! Thanks so much for making this distro. I hope to assist you with the development someday. :smile:


Hi, Names Echoa

I’ve beena Linux user for about 10-13yrs, my first Linux experience was about 13yrs ago but my actual active use is about the past 10yrs.

I moved to Linux as my daily a couple months ago after getting tired of Windows breaking my system every update (I like custom themeing).
I’ve mostly used Ubuntu and debian based distros but getting tired of the reinstalling for major updates and PPAing my system like crazy. i switched to Manjaro for the rolling release model on my desktop and laptop (server still Ubuntu though). It’s been a bit of a learning curve for certain things and realizing that there are many things that can be done far simpler than I’m used to, others a bit more complicated. Really enjoying it so far though and look forward to participating in the community at least a bit.


Hello everyone! I was introduced to Linux Mint around 10 years ago by a computer savvy friend of mine and learned to perform my own installations with his help. I used 3 versions of Mint starting with 11 and ending with 17.3. I enjoyed using it much more than Windows but didn’t like the fact that each distribution was only supported for a couple of years. The same friend recently told me about Manjaro. I originally installed XFCE on my desktop but found that Mate was configured more like Mint. I’m using Mate on my laptop and plan to install it on my desktop as well. Many thanks to the developers who created such a user friendly O.S. with ongoing updates! -Jim


Hello. I’m here to hunt down a way to install Manjaro KDE onto my desktop with a Vega 56 card which appears to be a problem for a lot of Vega user.

I’m happy that this forum uses Discourse, I think it’s a great option for a forum compared to others I’ve used/tried to use, and I’m very familiar with it thanks to the Level 1 Tech forums.

Edit: That was a simple solution. Just had to download the development version.


There is Manjaro Cinnamon if you want to have a comfortably similar experience, unless you want to try something different :wink: .


Thanks, I might try Cinnamon on my desktop install.


Hi. My name’s El Dee, and I’ve switched to Manjaro Deepin recently. I really love this version of Arch. I’m originally from Michigan, but by way of Florida and Texas I’m now in Tennessee. I learn a lot from forums, so I’m eager to see what I can learn here. I do want to thank the Manjaro and Deepin teams for their excellent work!

Have a great weekend!



My name is Vladimir and i`m from Serbia.
I just downloaded Manjaro Linux XFCE as i want to stop distro-hopping and i want to have rolling release linux on my laptop.
I think that Manjaro will be perfect for this.



Hi :smile:
I switched from Windows a few weeks ago and wouldn’t make the change back for anything.
I love pacman and AUR packages
Love the desktop enviornment
Love using terminal for everything if i can :slight_smile:
Everything about it is better; speed, looks, stability… I could go on.
I’m a privacy nut so that was one of my main reasons for switching to Linux. After experiencing it I wouldn’t care either way. Windows is terrible imo. Love the freedom of Manjaro and how customizable it is.

My dislikes would be how some stuff like LEMP stack and LEMU stack are about impossible to figure out how to configure and theres hardly any resources to go off. Since for some reason Ubuntu seems to get looked up 80% more even though Manjaro’s #1 on distrowatch


Because pros do Distrowatch and noobs do Google. (Just kidding :laughing:)

Welcome aboard!