New to the forum, introduce yourself



Hello, I’m delighted with linux and manjaro. I do not speak English well. I hope to learn a lot in this forum. Thank you.


Hey whats up guys I just would like to say that 2 yrs ago I had never even owned a PC and well I had one given to me and every since I can’t stop learning and mastering one small task after the next. I had no one to show me anything so as you can guess I needed to learn how to reinstall windows really soon and I have every since wanted to try linux out so I started looking and reading back then and have finally gotten up the nerve to try linux and after a some serious reading and looking around the internet I decided to go with Manjaro KDE because I watched a video of I guess the creators posted and I really liked the way they came across and seemed really down to earth and NORMAL and also I love the way the system looks and that you can customize so many things. Anyways I love the Manjaro after a few days but I am really lost in some stuff ya since making the swap from windows but I am hoping that with the help of this community I can further my learning a little faster and easier. I will stop my rambling now now. You have have a great day.


Hi everyone! I’ve been reading this forum since long ago, even if never posting. So, I decided to start it today.

I’ve tried Linux for the first time in late 90s. Since then, I’ve tried more than a few hundred different flavours of Linux.

Back in 1997/98, Red Hat, Mandrake, Debian and Suse Linux were at the top of the lists, but installing them could be really tedious, as support for hardware was short. Because Windows was really never my scene, I set for a few Macs for several years. Three years ago I completely switched to Linux and I don’t have any other backup system.

After trying several different Linux distros over the last three years I set myself with Manjaro. I found Manjaro to be rock solid and stable on my Asus notebooks. Even KDE, which has its ups and downs, seems to work wonderfully well with Manjaro. Strange or not, I found other Arch-based distros, including Arch itself, to be less stable than Manjaro (at least on my hardware configuration).

Regarding desktop environments, I’m really not a XFCE guy, so I set myself with Mate, which seems to be lightweight, fast, and featured. But, all other DEs I tried with Manjaro seemed to work quite wonderfully. It’s just a matter of taste.


Hi, everyone. I’m from Miami, FL, USA. Very new to Manjaro, but been working on Linux servers for a while. I really like the ease of installation, and use of Manjaro, so far.


Hi guys,

I am from Lithuania and I’ve been using windows all my life. Recently I got interested in cyber security and ethical hacking. After some research I realised i need to get to know Linux better. I’ve tried Ubuntu before but never managed to stick to it. After using Manjaro in the windows virtual machine i decided to give it a try. Today is my first day with fully installed Manjaro Linux and so far enjoying the experience. Im running xcfe version on Lenovo Legion Y520.

I hope to learn many new things in this forum.

See ya around :wink:


Greeting, Earthlings. I am from Earth, Pangaea. I was born on Earth and was raised on Earth and currently live on Earth, In a nice house On Earth. I accidentally came across this site.


Yes here I can atleast post. Hi! I’m Melroy van den Berg. GNU/Linux geek.

I used Linux Mint, Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian (still using), plain Arch Linux, Fedora, openSUSE, … in the past. Now trying out Manjaro. Love it so far.

I’m from The Netherlands. I saw some missing translations in Dutch language for several components within Manjaro. I will try to contribute to the Dutch language where I can.

Ps. Running my own server at I run everything whatever you want or need for free. Currently: Nextcloud, Gitlab, …


Hi I’m sora_061 (not my irl name),
I’m a Computer and Electrical Engineering student, I’ve been using Linux for 4 years, mostly used debian based OS whole time. Used linux as a second driver to Windows 0S. I started distro-hopping shamelessly when I felt debian was feeling really old compared to all rolling release distros. But Manjaro shines the most because of the easiness and overall performance. And yeah Manjaro Cinnamon is the sexiest OS in my list.


Do you have onlyoffice as well?


Hi there,

I’ve used Linux in some form for a few years but always as a OS to tinker around with. I’ve finally switched over to using Manjaro as my work OS. Looking forward to learning much more about the OS and how to use it.


Hi all, I’m Skasha, I’m from London England and I’m new here and new to Linux,

Manjaro is my first true Linux experience, I had a cheap low spec Acer Aspire laying around so after a battle with windows 10 I managed to get Xfce installed and found it had improved the performance of the laptop,

so now on my main pc on a separate hdd I have installed KDE and am duel booting as my main driver is windows 7, I refused to upgrade to windows 10 for free as I didn’t wanna loose, ms office package, adobe suite, and nero 11, and end up paying for a sub service,

my main pc is; CPU amd fx 6300 and GPU; asus 7770 series with 16 GB corsair vengance ram installed in a 4x4 config, I am looking to upgrade the CPU and GPU to extend its life a little whilst being cheaper than buying a new pc, and negating the need to pay for a windows 10 licence I dont need or want,

since the Manjaro install on the laptop I have discovered all the programs I need and want are either available on Linux or alternatives are available,
I use VLC ,Spotify, Sublime text, steam, calibre, chrome, on windows 7 anyway, and I have found good alternative to adobe, such as kdenlive and darktab and I am super impressed that Clementine will sync with iPods,

so I am excited to be joining Linux as windows have just messed up big time with the oct update XD and whilst I am trying to learn web dev and programming skills

I look forward to meeting you whilst I find my feet and will contribute as best I can with my limited knowledge, that can only improve with time and perseverance



Hallo to everyone.
I’m from Italy and I’m coming from Ubuntu that I used for ten years.
Now I’m going to use Manjaro because I want to try the rolling concept.
I hope to enjoy it, anyway tank you in advance for the efforts you all put in this distro.


Cheers! There is much to learn here.


I’m sure! I’ve to re-learn a lot here


Yes I think you will love the rolling release concept, if you are not afraid of the terminal in case it brakes something :wink:


It’s about time you discover GNU/Linux :wink: haha. Just joking, welcome in the world of the Linux community. I hope you like it! If you have any problems or questions just let us now.


Once you are a Linux user, you stay a Linux user. Welcome on board :D.


Hi Paologab, this help me a lot when I came over from Deb base systems.

The rest is a walk in the park. :wink:


Hi all!

My name is Rod from New Zealand and I’m a long-time Linux fan (around ten years) using mostly Debian based distros. I’ve not really been a distro-hopper and stuck with Ubuntu till Unity came along (hated that) and changed to Kubuntu in 2011. Been using Kubuntu (LTS versions) ever since, but I’m getting tired of clean installs every couple of years or so, especially as I like to customise a lot and it takes so long to get back to where I was before the upgrade. I’m a big fan of KDE/Plasma as you might guess. :grin:

I’ve tried many other distros out mostly in virtual machines or on other partitions but I’ve always wondered about rolling release distros as an alternative to upgrading from release to release. I’ve installed Manjaro KDE on this old HP EliteBook laptop to try it out and I’m quite impressed so far.

I’m not really a “bleeding-edge” fan (my age might have something to do with this. I’m a 65 year-old computer nerd, an old “DOS-head” from way back.) I think Manjaro KDE Stable will suit me just fine. I gave up on Windows completely years ago and the last desktop PC I built nearly four years ago has never had Windows on it.

So, I’m getting to grips with pacman/yaourt/octopi and loving the AUR! Much better than having heaps of PPA’s which bog updating down too much in the 'buntu world. :+1:


Xin chao! Hi! Salut!
My name is Minh and i’m from Vietnam i have been falling in love with Linux for 4 years since i was 16. I have used Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Linux Mint,… but Manjaro is my first truely GNU/Linux experience. I love it so much. Hope to learn many useful things and to have some fun here!