New to the forum, introduce yourself



A big thanks to the community for all this great work.
Manjaro is a really good distribution.
I just joined and I’m switching to Manjaro. This an escape from Apple gold jail.

I’m French.
I had my first computer in 1982, it was a ZX81, 4.77 megaHertz, 1ko and a 16Ko extension :slight_smile:
First linux distro was a Slackware, something about 40 floppy discs.

I’m happy to be there, learn more deeply Manjaro and helping when possible.



Hello there. I am from the United States. I love to mess around with technology and I love Linux. I have begun to do a more permanent switch from Windows, which I still have to use in order to play some of the games that I have.
I started out with Ubuntu 12 on my school’s laptops.
Later on, I stumbled upon Ubuntu again and quickly learned the operating system, with it’s terminal the part that I was able to manuver through easiest.
For some reason, I keep being drawn back to Manjaro. I have tried it in the past and still think the terminal is a bit confusing. Like Sudo update -Syyu vs Sudo apt-get updates. I am willing to learn if there are those out there to help teach me. Thanks, and see you around the forums


I think you mean
sudo pacman -Syyu

You could also use
pamac update


Thank you. that is helpful.


Hi there :slight_smile: I’m relatively new to Linux world, and Manjaro is one of few distro’s I tried. Currently I’m using Manjaro Gnome as my main OS, with Manjaro BSPWM in virtual machine. I must say I’m amazed by BSPWM, still trying out all the pros and cons, but I think gnome’s gonna go for BSPWM, but Manjaro stays… I did use Arch a while, but changed it for Manjaro…


New to Manjaro but not to Linux – jerry@archlinux

OS: Manjaro Linux x86_64
Host: 4236BE4 ThinkPad T420
Kernel: 4.14.71-1-MANJARO
Uptime: 5 days, 10 hours, 37 mins
Packages: 1336 (pacman)
Shell: zsh 5.5.1
Resolution: 1366x768
DE: Cinnamon 3.8.8
WM: Mutter (Muffin)
WM Theme: Adapta-Nokto-Maia (Adapta-Nokto-Eta-Maia)
Theme: Adapta-Nokto-Eta-Maia [GTK2/3]
Icons: Vibrancy-Full-Dark-Teal [GTK2/3]
Terminal: gnome-terminal
CPU: Intel i5-2520M (4) @ 3.200GHz
GPU: Intel 2nd Generation Core Processor Family
Memory: 5611MiB / 7863MiB


Hello there.

I am from island of Mauritius. I have been a full time windows user until April 2018. When Ubuntu 18.04 was released, I dual booted my Acer Aspire laptop with Windows and Ubuntu.

I was distro hopping a little bit between Kubuntu, Linux Mint and then I discovered Manjaro on a Youtube video about one month ago. I instantly created a bootable usb drive and then tested it on my laptop. What amazed me is that the Gnome version of Manjaro is so snappy compered to Ubuntu. Everything worked so perfectly.

Then, I decided to take the big step. I erased my entire hard disk and installed Manjaro Gnome. Never looked back since. Sure, I needed some googling around to find some software on AUR, but I don’t feel there is going back for me. Manjaro is the way forward for me.

Thank you to the great team who created a user friendly distro that works out of the box.

Thank you to the great community for always helping newbies.

Keep up the good work.


Hi all,

Norwegian scientist in his 30s here.

I started using Linux in 2006, and have for the most part been using KDE. I tried out Arch sometime around 2010-12 (cannot quite remember), before I jumped on Chakra soon after which I was using for a few years. Always thought that pacman/pkgbuild was the best build system I’ve come across. Last couple of years I haven’t had much time to tinker with Linux, so I just had an old laptop around running Ubuntu.

Now I finally got a work laptop running Linux again, so I decided to go distroshopping. Checked out distrowatch, saw Manjaro at the top, read about it for about 5 mins and was sold. Polished Arch Linux with easy installation? Yes please! :slight_smile: So far excellent stuff, really really pleased. Running it on one Thinkpad and one desktop so far.


Hi everyone. I am Algent from Albania. I am new on manjaro also on linux. Hope to learn a lot of new things here.


Hi. My name is Mike and I’m from Central New York. I switched to Manjaro about two months ago, and I’m really enjoying it. I ran Linux Mint for about five year, and Ubuntu for many years before. I really enjoyed Linux Mint, but I was ready for something different. I was attracted to the rolling release model, and really wanted to try something Arch based. I also heard that the Manjaro community was very friendly and helpful.

I still feel I’m a newbie as far as Linux, but I’m really trying to learn the ins and outs of Linux.


Newcomer on the forum, I introduce myself:

Hi, Guys and Gals,

I come from France. passionate about computers, since 2000 when I had built my first PC with M$98se … My first linux experience dates back to 2006 with ubuntu 6.0.6 that I had in hard installation on one of my two PCs.

I noticed at that time, the great strength of linux that had allowed me to save data from a laptop of a desperate friend who had crashed. I save it just with my linux liveCD. Many had tried including “pros” but without success.

I progressed little by little in the catch in hand and the discovery of linux but I remained at a level little evolved, for lack of time and others … My Knowledge is better with M$ and his ocean of problems…

Many years used pc with m$, for my personal convenience and others but …

This years go by quickly and I have been thinking about adopting linux more seriously lately for my daily use. The linux world has changed a lot ! Better drivers support, more and more software choices and many many much things ! Since 2016, I started experimenting with quite a lot of distributions without really finding what I was looking for.

Since last August I started to test Manjaro, after installing it and experimenting for the first time, I was very surprised by its awesome qualities and I really hooked.

A new way begins !


Good evening guys.

I’m from the United States, Virginia to be exact.

I used Manjaro awhile ago when the JWM community edition was supported. Now I have just installed the i3 community edition. I’m no expert at Linux, I just used it back then because I was a kid learning Java to create Minecraft mods and my machine couldn’t handle the tasks on Windows. JWM opened up a lot of resources and was easily configurable. I wish it was still maintained. A great complete DIY window manager.

I’m now getting rid of Windows 10 and getting back into GNU/Linux primarily because I wanted to get back into programming and scripting. First thing is getting used to Linux again.


Hi guys,

I am a long-term Windows user. I have made my way into Linux OS a few years ago, but only used it from time to time on my private machines. At some points I even reverted to Windows, as I encountered some problems I wasn’t able to solve.

But Linux always stayed on my mind and a couple of months ago I switched my private machines again to KDE neon, based on Ubuntu. I was loving the new experience with latest Plasma desktop and everything was fine - well eventually I got bored and KDE felt a little antique and the upgrade to Ubuntu 18.04 caused a few problems, so I thought: “time for something new”.

Now I am stuck to Manjaro Deepin and so far I find it great. I am completely new to Arch but so far it was really easy to solve all the little issues I was having with the fresh start.

Thanks guys.


Continuing the discussion from New to the forum, introduce yourself:

Good Night everyone
I’m from Barbados its an island in the caribbean , and I’v been using manjaro cinnamon for about 2 years now before manjaro I was using linux mint.
Made the switch to linux well because of Youtube lol , Tek Syndicate or moreso Wendell encouraged people to try linux. It started with a dual boot mint and windows on the same hard
drive and after I purchased a game Borderlands 2 for linux the only thing that kept me on windows I nuked that partition on the HD and ran linux alone.
Nowadays I’m back to dual booting windows is on its own HD, POE (Path of Exile) is my go to game to relax if you can call that game relaxing.
So I’m just someone that allowed themself to be infulenced by the internet :sweat_smile:


Kia ora!

I’m a brand-new Manjaro installer - dual-booting with Windows 10 only so that I can continue to play Destiny 2. :slight_smile:

I’ve been using Ubuntu on & off for years, so I like to think I have a fairly good understanding of the Linux basics, and am happy to potter about looking for solutions to problems (like my lack of audio after a fresh install).

It’s nice to be here!


Hi all,

I’m from the Netherlands and I’m kinda new to Linux myself. Over the past few years I’ve grown extremely tired of Windows (and corporate attitudes towards charging me for their software, to then turn around and sell/use my private data for even more profits), not to mention the ever increasing pile of … Windows.
So, a few months ago I started looking at various Linux distros, watched some videos on youtube and read some articles. Linux Mint or Ubuntu seemed the obvious beginner choices, but I don’t mind tinkering and figured, might as well try a few other distros.
In the last month or so, I’ve pretty much settled on Manjaro as I find it’s various desktop-envirenments very pleasing to look at and it runs extremely well. I know, visuals as a decision maker, quite shallow. But hey… I like pretty things :slight_smile:
Oddly enough, I’m currently only running Community Editions. I do like KDE and XFCE, but for some reason I find Deepin and Cinnamon more attractive. So, that’s what I’m running atm. Cinnamon on my PC and Deepin on my laptop.

I’ve never before bothered joining a community and introduced myself, other than gaming maybe, so this is kind of a big step for me and should in the very least say something about how much I’m enjoying Manjaro and its Community Editions.

Anywho… it’s been a long introduction and it doesn’t really say much about myself, but I wanted to say ‘hi’ and how I got here. So,… ‘Hi’ :slight_smile:


Hey there,

I recently had a power surge fry my motherboard. After swapping it out with a nearly identical one, my Ubuntu Mate would not boot normally. After getting desperate I decided to install another distro to see if it would work. I read quite a few reviews of Manjaro and gave it a whirl (I had used Arch in the past). Everything worked great with the non-free AMD Catalyst video drivers installed! I am enjoying XFCE quite a bit and I don’t think I will be switching back to Ubuntu ever again.


You have a right to use that if you want. But it is dead and deprecated, not suggested … and comes within inches of borking your install (forces old xorg version and creates a dependency nightmare) … I would encourage you to use something else. But its your system :wink:


Funny you should mention that. I didn’t think the free drivers would work as the liveUSB would not boot with the free drivers. I started up the liveUSB with the non-free drivers, chrooted in, removed the non-free, and installed the free drivers. It boots up just fine and I am now using the current Xorg version. I am unsure why the liveUSB won’t boot with the free drivers, but the system is working so I’m not going to complain.


im new and i dont like to talk about myself
but ill be installing manjaro gnome in the near future, at least thats the plan, so i thought id familiarise myself with the place a bit
been using mostly ubuntu and recently solus in my 12 or so years using linux