New to the forum, introduce yourself



Hello, Manjaro users. I’m Elton John, a Unity game developer from the Philippines. I started using Linux in January of 2018. Started from Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and then Solus but I had problems with them and now I’m here. I’ve been using Manjaro for over a month now and everything seems to be working fine and snappy. It seems everybody is right about this distro, it’s awesome! Enjoying my stay so far. Have a nice day.


Are you serious?! :joy: Welcome to Manjaro Forum anyway!


Hi Folks,

my name is Andreas, I’m from Wiesbaden, Germany.

I installed Manjaro with KDE Plasma on a Samsung XE700 Slate Tablet three weeks ago, and it runs like a charm!


  • installed the “kcm-wacomtablet” package for wacom support.
  • set the breeze theme for SDDM with the qtvirtualkeyboard as input method (so logging in without external keyboard is possible)
  • use onboard as the virtual keyboard on the desktop (auto-show when editing text doesen’t work until now, but maybe I’ll manage that too one day - I use the floating icon and I’m okay with that for now)
  • use touchegg for gestures (awesome program!)
  • and use xbindkeys with a small script to rotate the screen on button press.

To everybody putting effort into this project: thank you!



Yups, named from the great singer himself. Lol. Thanks!


Nice. Maybe you’d like to do a write-up in the tutorials section for users with touch-screens and/or tablets :slight_smile:


Been using Manjaro for a couple of days now. Made a ton of changes and installed three desktop environments so far. Landed on KDE plasma. Going to stay with it.

Also got to roll my system back on a xorg crash. Timeshift worked like a charm.

Really liking this distro, coming from Ubuntu and Linux Mint lately. I’ve played with Linux since the days of Mandrake and way before the Ubuntus and Mint. Always kept going back to windows because those distros just fell short, were hard as hell to work with and there wasn’t enough community on the internet to help a person out.

This is as close as I’ve gotten to what I want Linux to be.

Now if I can just stop typing debian commands out of habit.


hi i am from nepal distro hopping from arch,gentoo,debian, oracle linux, kali, opensuse to manjaro lets see low long this one lats. i really like manjaro looks. currently using xfce.


Hello everyone.

I’m Nemanja, 24, from Serbia.

I fell in love with Linux through various distros. Started using Ubuntu first, then stuck with Debian for quite some time, and ever since then I’ve been switching distros and trying out new things.

I prefer using more stable and cooler looking distros, Manjaro caught me by surprise. It’s beautiful, fast and reliable, can’t wait to hang out with you guys.



Just a quick note to say Hello to all and I look forward to becoming a part of the manjaro community!!


… and back again :innocent:. Almost same story, but now XFCE. Greetings to all old Manjarians!


Hi guys, I’m italian and I’m new with Manjaro.
Honestly I’m enough new to linux world in general but I like Arch and the Deepin declination of Manjaro.
Often in the past I’ve used Mint (and I still use it some times), but in the last week my preferred distro has become Manjaro.


Thanks for the hint - I will do that in the nearer future!


Hi Elton John! Welcome to the forum! :grin:


Hello and Good day

Always In Love with Linux been switching between Windows a Linux

But this time i would Like to stick around and enjoy this Beautiful distro

Im from the USA originally But Live in Beautiful Germany at the moment

Thank you


Greetings all.

Firstly a huge thanks to all involved in making this distribution the best I have yet used.

I have been using Debian, and Debian based distros for a long time (2004), and just bought a new laptop. I couldn’t get any of the Radeon drivers working properly on Debian, so had Cinnamon falling back to software mode. Open source drivers were plenty adequate for my needs, but for some quirky Debian reason I could not get them working. I will not however put Debian down, as it is an excellent offering, but it can be tricky to get working satisfactorily.

I put in a reasonable effort to sort it out, and then decided to see what else was available. I performed a search in Distrowatch, with some criteria, mainly involving rolling release and Cinnamon desktop. Several came up and mainly because I have always been interested in Arch, but not in the installation procedure, I chose Manjaro.

Installation was a breeze, and everything worked out of the box with very little mucking around with configuration.

I am totally hooked. Manjaro just works, with very few downsides that I have discovered so far. I am getting used to Pacman commands but have found package availability to be excellent, and both the GUI and command line package installation methods work very well. I expected that I would miss APT, Synaptic Package Manager, and the depth in the Debian repositories, but have certainly not done so yet.

I am one of many that do not want to spend hour upon hour fiddling with software and performing web searches to have things working properly, I just want software to work so that I don’t notice it and can get on with being productive on my computer. I have that with Manjaro.

Kind regards,


Welcome. :slight_smile: Glad you are enjoying the Manjaro experience.


Yes i am
and i have been away from Linux for a while
and everything looks amazing and new to me

i have to do alot of reading
Peace and thank you


I don’t think you will miss the depth of the Debian repositories because we have the AUR. So most programs are available!
Welcome and have a good time!


Good point, no more setting up ppa for that off-repository software.


Hi there, I’m from France, I had my first computer in 1997 (a mighty pentium 166 (mmx!!!)) and always used Windows since then (95, xp, vista, 7, 8, 10… all of them) but interested in the linux world since 3 or 4 years I tried a little bit a few distros in VMs or old laptops.

Last month I finally made the big switch on my main computer and I’m now happily using Manjaro KDE, appart from a few driver issues (low speed ethernet, no wifi etc) that were quickly resolved with searches here and/or with google, everything is working great, I’m very happy with Manjaro for now and after a few weeks of lurking this friendly forum, here I am :slight_smile:

I hope that once I’m more familiar with Manjaro and Linux as a whole, I’d be able to help out here as well