New to the forum, introduce yourself



Hi, I´m Spanish, and I discovered Manjaro two months ago, but couldn´t install it. I entered this forum this week trying to solve the problem with my installation, and I finally get to install it in my computer with some help, so thanks to the forum, I´m glad to be here and hope that many of my answers get a response here since I´m new in Linux (I used it when I was a child because in my school we had Ubuntu, since then I have always preferred Linux, but I got the courage to start to learn it the last year).
Thanks ;D


Hello all, My name is Michael and I am from the east cost United States. I have used Linux on and off for a while now, but haven’t really stuck with it. So far Manjaro is a fantastic operating system and it is incredibly fast. I am in school for Networking Management and I have to learn Linux during college anyways, so why not use it as my OS? I have some issues with my sound, but I will be posting in the relevant place for that.


I am from the south west united states, I am a midcore gamer, that enjoys to build PCs or mod Consoles but never only rarely touched Linux at all till now that is. I have been tired of some of the things windows 10 has been doing, especially how it handles updates, so I figured to give Linux tried the new steam gaming play helped make the jump tried Ubuntu first wasn’t satisfied with it seem to be clunker than I remember than tried to get to jump into arch, while I love the idea of just starting from the ground up just ended up breaking it alot, so I found Manjaro and loving it so far, just need to get a couple of non steam games working and it will be my daily driver :wink: and can’t wait to be actualy proficient in it.


Hello everyone,

I’m Syd, nice to meet you all :grinning:

after several years on Debian testing and a short, turbulent period on macOS, I’m planning to switch to Manjaro i3 for my dear old laptop, wishing to settle down with a simple, no-fuss, it-let-me-work solution for my quite basic computing needs…let’s hope :crossed_fingers:

As a start, briefly surfing the forum looking for some information, I’ve noticed a very nice and helpful community, and I’m happy to start to be part of it :slight_smile:



Hello guys,
Im guiltzen (brazilian, living in France, moving to Canada) and coming this week to Manjaro KDE (was using Arch for the last 2 years).
Main reason is that I lost the patience in setting up the microfone and some issues with Ryzen 2400G.
Now everything just works! I hope i can get help from the community and contribute as well.




hello, awesome manjaro community. greetings from norway here.

i’ve now been running manjaro linux on my main computer for 92 days. as a linux noob the learning curve has been somewhat steep. however, that was an investment i was more than willing to take to get out of microsoft’s grip. i had been on windows since the 90s. before that, i was on amiga 500 but that is another story ((:

it was a bit overwhelming trying to find the perfect distro and desktop environment. i tried out different solutions and had decided to go for debian with gnome. however, just after having started getting used to that system i stumbled upon and saw a, new to me, distro named manjaro at the top. out of curiosity, i decided to try that out manjaro as well. i am so lucky i did. even during installation, i could feel that manjaro would be great. as soon as my manjaro xfce system booted i knew it was the perfect solution for me. after just a few hours of testing i reformatted my entire system. no dual boot. no windows. i have not looked back. manjaro ftw.

whenever i run into challenges i do post issues here on the forum. i am pleased with the extremely helpful and kind community.

a big thanks to all of you!




Hey Manjaro faithful!

I’ve broken the chains and dumped Windows and the whole Microsoft take over the world plot!!! (maybe thats a bit dramatic :rofl:)

Anyway the truth is I dropped my Windows laptop from quite a height and it is no more. I have a spare machine but no hard drive or Windows installation key. A friend recommended Ubuntu and once I started researching Linux based OS distros I came across Manjaro amongst others. I borrowed an old (failing but still working HDD) and have been busy installing various distros, test driving them, and wiping and reinstalling the next. I love the simplicity of Manjaro XFCE and the rolling update thingy and I’ve decided on this as my new OS. I have ordered a new SSHD, and will no doubt have loads of questions as I start to learn the ins and outs of Linux. I am simply a user, not a dev or coder, but I do know how to use the search function here, so hopefully I should be able to sort a lot of my teething problems out for myself with the wealth of knowledge here and my newly acquired copy of ‘The Linux Bible’ by Christoper Nebus.

Thanks for reading the ramblings of a very tired Paramedic who has worked far too many night shifts in a row!!




Hello everyone!

I’m relatively new to Linux, I think Ubuntu 16.04 was the first distro I ever heard of and tried but ended up going back to Windows till 17.04, then i went to 18.04 but then went back to Windows, I never thought to try other distros as words like “beginner” get thrown around, I found Ubuntu to be quite boring, but then I browsed Distrowatch and saw Manjaro, since then I’ve hardly wanted to deal with Windows, I even tried going from Manjaro to Mint and Solus, but neither felt as simple, So major thanks for existing!


Greetings from Germany!

I’m a student working on getting my engineering degree.
I’m rather new to Linux, only played a little bit around on my Laptop with Ubuntu. I was browsing around for a distro to try out on my main machine as I’ve been interested in Linux for a while now and finally made the switch to dual boot on my main machine! Love it so far although I did have some issues at first(and still do a little).
It’s been a fun ride til here and I hope I can keep this ride going!


Hello from Northern California!

Just another computer enthusiast such as yourselves.

I was a long time Windows user who was dismayed from a distance by Win 8 and then Win 10. I stayed on Win 7 but of course knew that was not a permanent solution.

My first Linux distro was a SteamOS dual boot experiment (you can guess what is an important part of my computing existence maybe by this choice) and though it was manageable it was a bit clumsy as a desktop distro (since that is not it’s aim). But it gave me confidence to make the attempt to navigate a full Linux desktop distro.

I then tried out Linux Mint Cinnamon Edition and found I quite liked it. I grew more comfortable with Linux in general but in time grew a little frustrated with the slow cadence of receiving software updates by way of the distro channels. For instance the kernels and even smaller applications such as VLC were not the most recent stable releases. And for the purpose of keeping my Windows game Library the edition of WINE was also less updated than my preference.

So after some browsing and learning about “rolling release” distros I decided on Manjaro! I’m very glad I did. Some of the strong pros in it’s favor included it’s links to Arch Linux with it’s venerated Wiki documentation, AUR with it’s many packages and of course an update cadence more to my liking.

So here I am! I’m very grateful for the distro and the community, hopefully I’ll be able to contribute in some way. I find I’m not missing Windows at all and will try to encourage others to find possibility from my transition to Linux.


Hi guys, I’m Sean from Ireland
i’m somewhat new to Linux, I can get around in a terminal barely and I’ve installed a few distros and DE’s and have a kind of general gist of how to go about things. I’m very experienced with Windows but that’s something I never really liked and always wanted to get away from.

I started with Ubuntu and believe it or not I liked Unity for it’s excellent high DPI display support for my Lenovo Thinkpad x260 with the optional 1080p screen but I’ve found xfce to be just as good with a tiny bit of fiddling.

I’d like to eventually reach a point where I’ve no longer a need to keep a copy of Windows for dual booting and just use Linux.


Hello everyone, I’ve been using Linux for about 10 years or so. My first was Opensuse, then migrated over to Debian based during the Ubuntu boom. I did try Manjaro about two years ago and really like it, but had some complications from updates and other small things so I went back to my faithful Peppermint. So I am back to give it another shot. Have heard good things about the community so here I am.


Howdy! I’m a (relatively) new Linux user, with using it every since July of 2017! I just installed Manjaro and I have to say, I think I’m gonna stop distro hopping because of this distro! :slight_smile:


Hey all! Im a 58 yr. old outdoorsman who likes his time on his pc. Bought my 1st pc in ‘08…Windows. Through my learning curve, i had learned about Linux and thought id like it. FF to last summer…was lucky enuff to have a friend who had a copy of Manjaro, and here i am. Im not goin’ back! Manjaro might be good…but your community is better! Hope to meet more of you soon.


I’m from the UK, I’ve played around with linux a few times over the years but I’ve recently started looking at Linux distros on YouTube as im sick of the crap Microsoft keep pulling. I’ve just installed XFCE and I’m stunned; the UI is beautiful and the performance is excellent.

Looking forward to checking out the forum and learning more.


Hello everyone, I’m a 37 years old Linux user from Portugal.

My Linux history dates back to 1998 when I was introduced to this amazing kernel. Like so many others, through these last 20 years, I’ve distro hopped almost continuously. Starting with Red Hat I then moved to SUSE, Slackware, Debian, Gentoo and then eventually settled with Arch Linux around 2003.

I felt at home with the rolling release model of Arch Linux which meant bleeding edge versions of all my software and therefore couldn’t really use distros with static releases anymore. Nevertheless, I used some releases of Ubuntu for its stability and relative freshness.

As a developer and power user though, I’ve always kept Arch Linux around on some machines and was even an AUR package maintainer. I like to tweak my system to perfection and have absolute control, but after so many years, repeating the installation process on new machines became a tedious process which wasn’t teaching me anything I didn’t already know. Further, despite being a fan of bleeding edge and experienced enough to handle issues during some upgrades, the time lost performing such housekeeping tasks made me search something else.

I was looking for the same rolling release model and package base used by Arch Linux but with a little bit more inherent stability. That’s when I finally decided to give Manjaro Linux a try. The stable repos are the main reason why I’ve now fully moved to Manjaro. Having this amazing team curating what goes there, with an acceptable delay relative to upstream is the best of both worlds. Now I can experience the rolling release of Arch Linux but with the added stability at almost no cost. I happily trade that small delay for the rock solid stability. The awesome installer is a nice bonus whenever I need to install Manjaro on a different machine.


Even though I’m an experienced power user with many years of Arch Linux, Manjaro’s stability made me switch, because I can appreciate the truly amazing work done by this team that saves me a lot of time.


Hi All,
I am new to the Arch based ecosystem and giving Manjaro a shot after over a decade with Ubuntu and then more recently mint. I still have Linux Mint 19 cinnamon installed on a second drive.
I have been blown away so far with both Manjaro and mint. I hear also Ubuntu MATE is a contender for best overall OS from other sysadmins/programmers I worked with. CentOS is my preferred server but would also recommend Ubuntu and Debian.
The reason Manjaro surprised me is I did a fun project where I installed Debian Sid and Manjaro XFCE and had a battle of the rolling distros. They both passed all tests, so finally my girlfriend selected Manjaro. I then pushed it hard by turning it into a home theatre PC,music studio for guitar and KVM/QEMU GPU passthrough to Win10 gaming vm. It all works great!


hello everyone , thankfully i have no problem :stuck_out_tongue: , i just wanted to sign up and say a thanks for this beautiful fast and sexy distribution that Manjaro is ; i’m not a linux user by any means i needed something for my old laptop to temporarily replace my dead gaming pc and i admit , i juse love Manjaro , so easy so clean , intuitive, 10/10 , i mean i tried ubuntu and linux mint in the past but in my noob opinion nothing can touch manjaro xfce if you want SIMPLE (and you come from windows) , see y’all


Web Developer | GFX Designer | Pen Tester :slight_smile:
Hey guys! Here’s a summary of how I ended up installing Manjaro! So one day I decided to download Debian after Win10 updated and crashed on me. Tried fresh installs, my recovery drive (USB), Image restore, and everything else possible to atleast boot into the OS w/o it crashing. I had a Live Kali boot that I use for obvious reasons, so I booted into it and inevitably started downloading Debian without researching other choices, and no background with Linux besides Kali. After Debian gave me plenty of challenges (and headaches/reinstalls) I decided to look around for a more beginner-oriented/forgiving distro. Arch instantly caught my eye, so I decided that I would switch after I got the basic knowledge and skills from Debian (I don’t like giving up b/c of a challenge.) After that day came, instead of jumping right into Arch I ended up installing Manjaro and now here I am. Still have a long road ahead, so all help is appreciated!



I just installed Manjaro KDE, it works great and looks very promising.

I can’t say I’m familiar with Linux, and I’m probably going to need quite a lot of help from more experienced users.

Looking forward to learning more about Manjaro and checking out the forum! :slight_smile: