New to the forum, introduce yourself



Thank youu☺️


Good day ~ Im just replying to have my first post in this forum :slight_smile: Currently the forum’s badges & achievements got me hooked on earning more, and sticking with the forum is better than doing a Google search.


Welcome. :slight_smile:

But just make sure you don’t ignore the value of searching. :wink:


As you advance, you will find web searches which access and provide info from other arch-based distros invaluable. :slight_smile:


Hi :smiley:
I’m not a real newbie , as I’m using manjaro for more than one year and linux more than 6 now, but never felt the need of a manjaro forum’s account till now :slight_smile:
Nice to meet you all!


Hi all,

New to Manjaro, semi new to linux. I want to see how far I can go with it, and I think I will be asking a lot of questions here.

As for me, a kiwi/aussy living in Japan.

As I was building my computer I was planning on Ubuntu but then some comments on the blender artists forum convinced me to give it a shot.

See you all around I hope :smiley:


Nice to hear we are liked in the blender forums :slight_smile:


Hello, u can call me fel
i am new in linux for a month , i got started with ubuntu, and now i wanna start learning manjaro :slight_smile:


Hello all.

I’m an intermediate user, migrating from Mint.

My goals are to make a bad little FOSS photo editing machine out of this Alienware m17s that I picked up on the side of the road, and also to not do a whole lot of re-installs.


I use Alienware 17 R3 so if you if you want to ask something, go ahead. 2 years ago Alienware wasn’t too compatible and had many issues but that changed drastically and works quite well, especially on higher kernels like 4.17 or 4.18. Updating BIOS is also a good idea but I guess you probably already worked all the kinks out ;).



I’d appreciate any suggested reading on this, because I’m out of my depth here.

What I do know is that when I tell people I found this machine on the curb, I’m led to believe by the expression on their faces that I have had a bit of good luck.

Half the USB ports don’t work, I get some memory error messages at startup, and the internal wireless card seems useless. So, it wasn’t tossed out randomly I think. But compared to what I had before, I think I’m in good shape.


Ah, then you have a bit more to chew on then on fresh Alienware machine. I can tell you that there is no usb or wifi issue on my end and also no memory issue at startup. Still, Alienwares usually are upgradable so internals can be replaced (not always easily with some models, it depends). Alienware have good quality build so it’s worth to replace some parts if other things work well. On other hand, if usb ports are not working, someone really put this machine through hell and the motherboard may be damaged a bit - this one cannot be replaced so not all may be fixable.
I also added SSD to mine. This is a must :smiley:


New to Manjaro (Community-Deepin), not new to Linux (>15yrs on and off) - grabbed it so I’d have something better than windows for a hackathon.

Unfortunately the latest Deepin packages are nigh-on unusable for me (and some others based on Github feedback) and I’m strongly considering returning to Arch now that the hackathon is over


Hey everyone!

I got sick of Windows after using it for most of my life and finally decided to switch sides to Linux, in particular to the greener pastures of this beautiful distro. After some initial struggles with getting my second Monitor to work due to EDID issues with a VGA to DVI adapter, as well as me nuking my keyboard/mouse drivers after trying to install something dumb from the AUR, things are now starting to work. That being said there’s still loads of issues I need to work through and loads of questions going through my head, especially since I’m not all that familiar with the nuts and bolts of how software/things work, and only vaguely familiar with very basic programming. So I’ll probably bug you guys a lot with questions in the near future :smiley:.

Some things floating through my head right now are figuring out how to use OpenVPN with KDEs network manager without it ditching my existing configuration with split routing that worked well on Windows, how to configure my Wacom tablet driver cause the only GUI application I could find doesn’t work, as well as figuring out how to set up Wine so that I can use the Adobe suite and some Windows-only games that should supposedly run well under Wine.

Fun times ahead! So far I’m very much enjoying myself and learning new things all the time.


Hello everyone!

Have been distro hopping for about 3 months looking for a distro to use as my main OS, I started with Manjaro few months ago and started hopping to other distros on DistroWatch.

However, I’m back to Manjaro and have been using it for the past month. (running smooth, no hiccups at all)

My main driver used to be Windows but I’m disliking what it’s turning into and I’m not much of a gamer anymore (play mostly steam games so…), so i have decided Manjaro will be my daily driver and hopefully I will be able to contribute here. :slight_smile:


Welcome, hope you enjoy using Manjaro. As this Linux distro is my daily driver.


Hi everyone.
Greetings from Korea.
I love Manjaro.


Hello to all,

Like the first post here, I too am from South Africa… Over the many years of various Operating Systems, and various flavors of Linux, this past weekend I have installed Manjaro… Easier than I thought it would be, having been through an Arch Linux installation a few years back. I was torn up between running one of the more common debian based distros, such as Ubuntu / Mint, but after reading about how friendly the Manjaro community has been, I plunged straight in… Although I have not decided on my favorite Desktop Environment as yet, I have installed a few: KDE, Deepin and Budgie… currently on Budgie… Enjoying testing and seeing which applications suite me better.
I hope to dive in a bit deeper at some point, perhaps looking into a little development or testing various things to help with builds.
Chat to you soon.
Glenn (Opensauce)


Welcome - I too am from South Africa and have been here a few years now. You have made a good choice with Manjaro and I hope you will also enjoy it here.


HI, I’m from Lancashire in the UK. I’ve been using Linux now for about 14 years and tried the majority of distros over that time. However, I now tend to use Arch and Slackware on my machines. But recently I installed i3 on Arch and I’ve been really enjoying it. So when the time came to update my laptop I thought I’d give the Manjaro i3 edition a spin - mainly because the reviews suggested that it was a great default setup. So far I think they were right :-):grin: