New to the forum, introduce yourself



Hello everyone, I am new to Manjaro, but have been using Ubuntu and Mint here and there for the past couple of years. Recently felt the need to experiment with the “Arch” way and I am loving every bit of it so far. I work as a developer, so I assume I got a fun time ahead with all of the dependencies I use :slight_smile:

My system is a Dell XPS 9560 and I currently run Manjaro XFCE - its awesome and lightweight, meaning I can dedicate my systems resources elsewhere. Anyway, what I can say is that I am looking forward to being here, and that everyone seems very approachable to reach out to. Thank you!


Hi everybody !
I’m student and web developper junior from France. I’ve always been a Windows user because I used to play a lot.
In the past I installed Ubuntu for a old computer that I’m was using for my tv. I used a bit and it was cool.
One year ago i started look for a distribution, and people helped me to choose Manjaro. I used it in VM a bit, and recently in a old imac.
But now I’m on laptop and windows was a bit difficult because of all linux native programs running on windows. So i just switched on Manjaro KDE since Yesterday on it(difficult choice because at the end you can always customize you’re UI).
That’s it !
Thank you and see you soon ! :smiley:
PS : => good forum btw , It is the same forum as Docker :smiley:


Hi, I’m from Madagascar. I am from Windows 10 and after it gets slower and slower i finally decide to move away from it and come back to linux that i’ve already used before.
During the past month, i tried elementary os, ubuntu bundgie, deepin debian, linux mint but after using Manjaro Deepin i finally find a distro that is made for me.
Otherwise, i’m also here to try to contribuate and improve my english as you can read isn’t this good.
Thanks for this forum and i look forward to learn more about Manjaro from it


Hi all! I’m a web developer from the US. Just recently made the switch from OS X to Manjaro after hearing about all of the tinkering possibilities. Even after only a few days of exploring it’s amazing how broad the ecosystem is. I hope to contribute to this wonderful knowledge pool somehow!


Hi all.
I’m from Poland (currently 19 yo) and I started using Linux & Manjaro about 6 months ago (Manjaro was my first try - testing it currently on Virtual Box, because I’m waiting for money to buy a laptop). I can’t install it on my family PC, because everyone uses it & it’s Windoze-only.

After that I tried other “beginner friendly” distros like Mint or elementary. They are great, I can see why they’re so popular. But I just didn’t “feel” them.

So I went back to Manjaro.Tried many flavours, the official one, like XFCE & unofficial ones’ like MATE, deepin, bspwm. I liked MATE edition the most.

So I think that will be it.
BIG THANKS to the Manjaro developers for Your hard work.

I will definetely stay here for some time.


Hey there!

I been using Ubuntu for a year now and just few days switched to Manjaro! So I am totally fresh user! So far I really like Manjaro!
Hope to get along with you guys!


Witaj… :wink:


Również witam :smiley:


Things like this are interesting to me.
Is Manjaro among the distros the ‘new to linux’ people try or consider ?
[it certainly was not some years ago]


Nowadays it seems so. It’s listed at the top of the charts in terms of page hits at distrowatch right above Mint, Ubuntu, and Elementary. Plus the Manjaro home page mentions the distro as “suitable for newcomers as well as experienced Linux users”. Least that’s what got me to try it out :grin:


Rolling releases are great IMO. I wanted to have the latest packages, but without dealing with “pure and only” Arch Linux.

I may be am a “beginner user”, but I know how to get my hands “dirty”, so some problems won’t stop me. :slight_smile:

Well: 13 years of Windows (98, Vista, 7 in home & XP, 8, 10 for like 10 years in school) & 6 months of Linux (Manjaro, Mint 19, elementary OS “Loki”, Ubuntu MATE 18.04).

From all of them I liked Manjaro the most. :slight_smile:

I still have much to learn.
Cheers. :slight_smile:


Witaj. Weź pod uwagę, że laptopy nie zawsze są w pełni kompatybilne z Linuxem i potrafią sprawiać pewne problemy, dlatego dobrze jest przed zakupem rozważyć kompatybilność sprzętu.
Miłego “Manjarowania” życzę :wink:

Welcome. Take into account that laptops are not always fully Linux compatible and can cause some troubles, so it’s worth a while to consider hardware compatibility before buying.
Happy “Manjaring” :wink:


Wiem. Thinkpady i Delle są podobno spoko opcją. Na przykład ten jest w miarę OK:


Wouldn’t that be better placed in a separate thread?
Nie byłoby to lepsze umieszczenie w osobnym gwincie?


Yeah, @BAKCYL, let’s talk about it on polish section of this forum. Just start a new topic there.


Hi everybody

Please forgive me for not having introduced myself to you when I started the first topic a year ago. I am also sorry for my longer text.

My name is Gustavo. I am from São Paulo, Brazil. I am deaf-born and 29 years old. I am a computer science student and I am going to be graduated this year end. Then I will study Astronomy or Aerospace Engineering.

I am a Linux user for 8 years and Manjaro user for 2 years and half.

I started autodidactically computer and foreign languages (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish) since 9 and 11 years old in 1998 and 2000. My first computer was my uncle’s IBM white computer with Windows 95 and the second was my stepfather’s computer with Windows 2000. On this computer, Babylon Dictionary, Ectaco and Webster were my first dictionary programs to study English. In 2001, my first language-unrelated program was Stellarium for studying Astronomy.

Only in 2009, at 21 years old, I explored the open source programs. GIMP and Inkscape were the first. Then I explored the world of internet markup languages. I discovered Ubuntu 9.10 CD in my stepfather’s box, but he forbade me of exploring that world.

The following year, because of college, I got independant and went to live with my grandparents. Then I remembered that CD and explored Ubuntu 10.10 on a Dell Inspiron laptop, under the recommendation of an IT technician, who helped me to type the commands. I adventured myself with the terminal.

I also used Arch Linux, Debian, elementary OS, Linux Mint, openSUSE and Ubuntu during 8 years.

Today I own a Mac mini with Deepin OS (external HD) and Kali Linux (another external HD) and a HP laptop with Manjaro. I have virtual machines of Arch Linux, Debian and Linux Mint.

If you ask why I am using Kali Linux as it is dangerous.

Because I am also studying ethical hacker for defending my college’s athletic association of the which I am a member, against the attacks, so the college’s athletic association site has been hacked twice.

I use Manjaro for programming, analysing the compatibility and faults of apps and of icons (I am icons theme designer) in the KDE environment, and for uploading packages to AUR, and Deepin OS for designing, programming and uploading a package to PPA.


Hello all. I’m new to Manjaro. I’ve been using windows all my life. My friend introduced me to Manjaro so I said why not.
I do not know quite a number of school technical terms but I’m ready to learn it all.


Welcome to the Manjaro family…I hope you enjoy using Manjaro as much as we do :slight_smile:


Thanks and I hope I do too :blush:


Welcome to the distro and to the forum!!