New to the forum, introduce yourself



Hi all, not a manjaro user but a linux user. I started out with Manjaro so was a 1st step for me. Back now looking to contribute where i can.


Hello everyone!
I’m a brazilian physics student, I’ve been using linux for almost 5 years now, for work and for leisure. About four years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to Manjaro, and it was love at first sight. After using ubuntu for few months and mint for almost a couple of years, I had finally settled in manjaro and have beem using it since then; and now I am the friend who introduce it to others :slight_smile:.


G’day everyone! I’m still pretty new to linux in general (playing around with it on and off for the last couple of years). I started with Ubuntu and then moved to Mint. After enjoying Mint, i decided to try Manjaro on my MSI GE72VR 6RF Apache Pro. First hurdle was getting the live USB to boot, then after getting that sorted, getting an install to boot to desktop. After hours of messing around trying different methods, I’ve finally made it to Manjaro (albeit only getting here by not installing any graphics drivers).
Loving the system so far and hoping to get involved with the Manjaro community as i learn more about the finer points of linux.


sorry for delay, I started using Manjaro for about one year and then switched to Archlinux because i wanted to try out certain other things ( mainly driver related stuff like mesa-git, and have my system running as light as it could be


It only took me a few weeks to make the time for this so…
I am just an everyday guy who loves talking about Linux. I don’t have a technical background but I have however run Linux for quite a few years finding my way through by “Trial and Error”.
A host of Destination Linux Podcast
I used to make Linux videos on youtube as well but time has not allowed for much lately.
I am currently running Manjaro Gnome and loving it.


Hello all
I was a regular ubuntu user but I couldn’t stand the fact that each update (especially for commands ) wouldn’t arrive for ubuntu at all so a friend of mine suggested to switch to arch and since I’m kinda a noob :smiley: he said that Manjaro would be perfect choice for me.

glad to be a part of Manjaro \m/


Hi all!

Well, my journey/lovestory with Manjaro has been kind of bumpy. Initially I was an Ubuntu user when I first started to learn the ways of the Tux. But after endless amount of upgrades, formats and PPA dependency hells, I found Manjaro whilst browsing YouTube. I think Spatry or someone talked extremely highly of it and the version was pretty basic still… was it 0.6 or similar, I can’t really remember.

Anyways, after I installed it, I had to re-learn the whole package management and build systems, but I was pleased. The speed and art direction were the true highlights with near bleeding edge software availability. And… we must not forget about the community. My god, the best thing about the Manjaro project has to be the community, but we’ll get back to that later.

At one point my friends were poking fun at Manjaro and also poked me towards vanilla Arch. So I did switch eventually and spent a good week or so setting up the distro the way I wanted. It was a nightmare! It was a good learning experience, but holy hell, whenever I have re-installed Arch at home, I have always grabbed a sixpack or two just to keep myself calm with all the configuration that needs doing. Yes I know, I keep backups of the most critical scripts and config files, but I for whatever reason, always like to go through the configs manually when re-installing Arch.

Oh well, and then there’s Windows. To be honest, I am dual-booting and probably will dual-boot until the end-times come as I want the best gaming performance for the buck I pay for the Hardware. But the whole Win-Linux thing is a on-off relationship - some games which run better on Windows, I go for that, but generally all the video editing and real-life stuff happens on Linux.

And with that out of the way, we arrive at the present day. A few days ago I just felt like I needed a change for my OS. Now Arch is perfectly fine, but I wanted a change. I decided to go back to try Manjaro again, and boy was it a good choice. Most of the configuration is done perfectly out of the box, there’s Architect installer, excellent theming, blazingly fast, up to date software, kernel management… I mean the list just goes on and on. But the two final points I would like to bring out are:

  1. For a home computer - I have configured enough Arch… I just want a system which works and suits my needs. I don’t want to dive into config files and logs every week just to fix something which upstream has broken again - and this is the first great thing about Manjaro. Guys like Philip, who work their asses off being a package/patch buffer for whatever comes from upstream and tries to break the system. Sometimes, ofcourse some things will get through, but I really appreciate the M-team’s efforts which they put into the project. They are brilliant! And hopefully I can contribute back in some way at one point. THANK YOU!
  2. Community - you know… when you use Arch, you feel alone. You have your wikis and docs but most of the online users, generally speaking, are still huge pricks to you. Elitist people. The all-knowing-wiseguys. Whatever you might call them. Whenever I come back to Manjaro, I feel warmth. A community of people surround the product who are friendly, willing to help out and offer guidance. THIS is what makes a good distro truly great! THIS is why I choose Manjaro!


Epic Read! Thanks for sharing.

Manjaro is truly special, like you have pointed out, in more ways than one :slight_smile:

Welcome to all the new Manjarlings! Let’s party! haha


Hey Guys

Like to introduce myself, Im Graham a PHP Developer from the UK. Came across Manjaro when I wanted to breath new life into an older machine! and My OH My has it done just that. Love everything about it and love all it has to offer, but please expect many questions.

I love it!


Hello! I’ve been really into Linux for a while and I did a lot of research on what distro and DE I wanted. Eventually I came up with Manjaro Xfce. So far I love it, but it has also been a challenge in some areas. A good challenge, though.


Hey there! I have been using Linux in various formats since ~98. My first ever distro was Redhat, back when it was free and Fedora was just a logo. lol.

Several Linux certifications and 20 years in IT later and I am finally checking out Manjaro. Loving the distro and loving the community!


I’m right there with you. I keep Windows around for World of Warcraft. Everything else happens in Linux.

And I agree, the community is that extra piece that really makes Manjaro shine!


Welcome and it seems we took the plunge at the same time. I started with Mandrake in 1998. I too only keep windows 10 around for gaming.



I’m from Poland and I go by the nickname of “Hikky”. I care for my privacy so I don’t like using anything related to my real life (Hikky means loner and I’m introverted af, tho). This anime pic shows how I feel most of the time.

My first Linux was Kali Linux, but of course I wasn’t using it daily, because Kali wasn’t meant for that. Then I started playing with Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, CentOS… And then finally Arch. I didn’t expect Linux and the idea of OpenSource to be so powerful. It intrigued me.

So I fully replaced my Windows with Ubuntu, because Ubuntu is certified by Microsoft and Lenovo (my pc manufacturer) and I’m too lazy to disable safe boot. Played with it for around a week, but it was too laggy and weak. Started playing with Arch, tried to learn how to install it in a vm so I could install it safely as my main OS. But I’m too lazy to set it all up every time I install Arch, so I started playing with Arch Anywhere (called Anarchy Linux now) and other installers and then I found Manjaro. Manjaro is everything I could ask for. At least for now.

If you read it all: Have a cookie :cookie: :smile:


Hi all

I’m Nuno Silva from Portugal and I’m here because I’m trying Manjaro xfce since yesterday.

See you around! :slight_smile:


Hi guys and gals!

I’m from Sweden, been using linux on and of as a second OS for about 10 years. As a gamer i’m not ready to switch over fully yet. Using Manjaro Xfce on my laptop and i love it!

Cya! :slight_smile:


Greetings all Manjaro newbies! It’s great to have you here.

More power to all Manjaroites everywhere!

Ruziel :slight_smile:


Hello, I’m from Turkey. If I can manage to install this OS on my PC, I’ll be glad to join you guys. So you can say that I’m about to be a linuxer :stuck_out_tongue:


New guy here! I live in Portland, OR, USA.

I’ve been a Mac user for about 18 years, but also had a chromebook as a secondary device, and installed ubuntu onto it a few (3) times to mess around. I’ve had some android phones. That is my Linux history there.

Last month my Macbook Pro died, and frankly, I don’t like any of the current Macs, so I built a PC w/ Windows 10 (hadn’t used Windows since Windows 2000), Mac friendly parts, and considered making a Hackintosh.

I randomly threw out a tweet at the end of August asking, “what’s the hottest Linux distro of 2017?”, and someone replied with a single word…


Huh. I actually hadn’t heard of it before.

I checked the website.

Within 2 days I had it on an SSD.

I find using this OS far more enjoyable than Windows 10, and it reminds me of my favorite OSX days of Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion - before adding things like ibooks and maps = an OS upgrade. Manjaro KDE has many of the tools I need, does what I want, makes my life easier in the right places, and doesn’t get in my way.

The only thing getting in my way is the Linux learning curve, but it’s not THAT bad after a few huge Youtube binge watching sessions.

Excited to keep learning and join this great community.


And the great NorthWest wind blows in again. Welcome to you and the all the others :slight_smile:
Remember not to hesitate to come back with questions, should you have any.
( though always check the ‘search’ function first for clues from fellow travelers :wink: )