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Hi, ‘manjarlings’!

I’m a software engineering student from the Philippines! I started my journey with linux distros 5 months ago. My first distro was linux mint. I originally planned to use manjaro right away, but went with mint instead just to get comfy with the linux environment. After a month, I thought to myself that I was ready to try another distro, and I chose manjaro! It’s the same distro my prof used, so I was inspired to try it. And I’ve never felt love like this before. I exceptionally love this distro! It has awesome capabilities and it keeps honing my skills as a software engineering student! Something you couldn’t experience as a windows user. I was a windows user, but I switched because my machine got infected by some minor virus and it toppled every work I had ever since! I think I’m gonna stay with manjaro for a while <3. Sure, I ran into many troubles but I had fun solving them with the help of the Manjarlings :wink:


I’ve had some experience in the past(different distro) and my brother had manjaro on a R-DVD and i needed a C++ compiler and had windows vista (most of the compilers i found didnt support legacy) so decided to use manjaro so i can compile C++.


There is nothing wrong with that approach at all these days. A while back, it was frowned upon and not recommended due to incompatibilities between DE’s and the added space having all those packages would take up on what were fairly small hard drives. Now with hard drive space a plenty, fast multi-threaded cpus and fast ram, I believe there is no harm in having multiple DEs or window managers. Although, you may end up with a few funky desktop layouts if you switch between window managers as things get rearranged. :wink:


Good to hear. There is even the advantage that if say booting fails because of a KDE/Plasma specific bit you can still login using XFCE or a Gnome based DE (Mate, Cinnamon, Gnome) in most cases.

Simple fact remains that I prefer some Gnome based utilities (Gigolo, Gnome Commander) and some KDE based utilities (Konsole, Dolphin ) so I tend to install those anyway.




Hello Manjaro friends!


My name is Ruy and i am glad to be here.

So much to learn…

Can anyone tell where ask for help about save my downloaded and installed packages to reinstall in other Manjaro PC same xfce architecture?





Welcome to Manjaro.

The packages you downloaded are stored in /var/cache/pacman/pkg/ and for the list of all installed packages you can use pacman -Q, I recommend to pacman -Qqen > pkg_list.txt for a list of repo packages saved to pkg_list.txt and pacman -Qqem > aur_pkg_list.txt for aur package list saved to aur_pkg_list.txt.

For more help: Arch Wiki: Pacman and pacman --help or pacman -Q --help in this specific case


Thank you. It is very helpfull.


D: i forgot to do this a while back. I’m so sorry, but I’m from Alaska. I love Manjaro because for a while I could not find a distribution that was able to handle my brand new Alienware’s hardware. And having a 4k screen I had a horrible time trying to scale everything. But after a while I realized what things I needed. I ended up installing Arch Linux since I figured it would be a good idea to have a bleeding edge operating system for a bleeding edge laptop. It turned out I was right. With the latest kernel on it, all of my hardware worked fantastically, but I realized there was just wayyyyy too many thing I had to manually do and it got irritating after a while. So I installed Manjaro and I was in love. I had a problem with my wifi card for a while and then I learned I could either use the kernel I was using in Arch or just get the firmware. I decided to get the firmware since I like stability xD My experience has been amazing so far. I am using the KDE desktop environment. Only issue I have is the cursor’s automatic resolution that seems to be tiny on some menus and if I change the theme it seems to go back to the other theme when over some windows. I think it’s a gtk/qt problem. So once I get that fixed, I’ll have the perfect OS :smiley: Also, the people here are awesome :smiley:


My name is Ivan, fairly new to the forum and community. I’ve been using Linux mostly in VMs using Ubuntu as my gateway drug. I have since moved to a full fledged linux machine only. Decided on Manjaro.

I am a sysadmin/full stack dev (also looking for work btw). I come from Slovenia EU.


Greetings everyone.

New to the Linux community, I strugled one week with Elementary OS until I came aware of the existence of Arch. Since the shell-only was kind of too much for me, the Manjaro was the best choice. Everything worked out of the box in my old (but updated) LG P430, opposite to my ubuntu experience.

I’m not dual booting, neither will. Even when on Windows I was using open-source / free software only, and now I completed the package. Now, time to open some threads here to fine tune some things.

I’m from Brazil, btw.

Saying hello

I Love Manjaro and Manjaro Team. It’s my first post and i hope to be useful to the community!!!


Hey y’all

I started testing using MNJRO in December 2015, loved the job Manjaro developers were doing to KDE Plasma 5 and also Manjaro Community was moving to, for example with new DDEs like Deepin. I have been testing Manjaro desktops Deepin and KDE and made both my official standard Os in my both laptops. So far I am delighted to have become a manjaro user…from time to time I tease ringo and other fab guys at the Manjaro Chat… something happened to my older account in manjaro forum so I decided to have it back … speak English and Spanish and also suppport Deepin Spanish translation tean since 2012… Genuinely Manjaro rocks…thanks developers and support teams :slight_smile:


Hello everybody,

wanted to pass to Linux since a long while, though Windows was too comfortable to be left… At last, I did it! I have Manjaro on my most used computer, which is now Windows-free. Everything works well and I’m fine with Manjaro.

Have a good day


Hi all. I’m not sure if I am posting in the right place ill soon find out. I have been using Linux roughly 2.5 years & 90% of that time has been using the one OS ROSA Fresh Linux [ Forked from Mandriva ] . Not a common OS Ive found in various Linux FB groups etc. I did look at Arch linux within the first week or two fro switching from Windoze , and got a bit scared off and never come back,

ROSA Fresh OS is called a stable LTS Distro by ROSA, but its essesntially a testing OS they distribute free to gather a lot of info and Bug reports so they can take what they learnt from ROSA Fresh line, and build their enetrprise version Free of all such bugs after test run of ROSA Fresh for a year or 2. Well thats my take. Point being , I do love ROSA fresh , but to common little bugs creep in with thier packages and support from ROSA is very poor and 90% of the support groups are Russian only. But enough of ROSA.

I was watching a video online by random chance about Manjaro and I was really impressed by the look. Look it a big one for me. So here I am day 1 on Majaro and I just installed Google Chrome which seemed like an epic battle.

I looked forward to the new challenges and hope this OS can support the various things I must have working.

On that note , I have two small questions and I am wondering where best to ask them.

  1. Spell check does not work across all applications , Browsers, Libre office and the rest .
  2. I have Google Chrome Cast device and on ROSA the Chrome Cast device was not being found on the next work using Chomium, but Chrome cast worked using Google Chrome. I have installed Google Chrome, but it is not picking up the Chrome Cast device on the network.

I hear the Manjaro is a good support community , I look forward to seeing what happens


Welcome to Manjaro land melange! :smiley:


Happy trails-


Hi Kmartin,

Thanks for that. I might be reading things wrong but I don’t really see a solution in the reply , other than someone raising the same question re: spell check in Libre


Did you read the thread? click the green link.
Is hunspell installed?
in terminal:
$ pacman -Q hunspell
hunspell 1.6.2-1
Or search in pamc or octopi.


The issue of spell check not working in Browsers I would not have thought an issue with missing Linux package/depencies etc as I have not come across spell check not working in other browsers. As browsers have in settings to have spell check on or off. Iv’e tried a few browsers now in Majaro and spell check doesnt work.

You asked.

“Is hunspell installed?
in terminal:
$ pacman -Q hunspell
hunspell 1.6.2-1”

Output was
$ pacman -Q hunspell
hunspell 1.6.2-1

I think what confused me when the post mentioned “ Hunspell Spell Checker Lightproof spellcheck Libhyphen Hyphernator Myth Thesaurus” was that Windows reference.


Hello all newbie here come from windows to ubuntu to debian and here and will say i will not be changing for a while fell in love with it from start.


Greetings from Canada.

I am a software engineer who is interested in squash and tennis, programming (Haskell is my favourite), and gaming (Hearthstone most recently).

Manjaro will be the first time I’ve used GNU/Linux full-time and am looking forward to learning a lot about the ecosystem.