New to the forum, introduce yourself



Welcome to the forum :3
I hope you like Manjaro, nice distro, the best I ever found :smile:

Just a small correction, freeBSD is a BSD OS, it doesn’t use the Linux kernel, thus it isn’t a Linux distro


I’ve been dabbling with Linux for several months now, and after trying several distros (I settled with CentOS for the most part), I have to say that I am very happy with Manjaro.

I’m using an older Dell enterprise lappy and everything works great right out of the box. I’m very content with Manjaro! It’s something I actually enjoy using and to me that is the whole point of Linux.


Welcome to Linux and Manjaro!


Hello all,
I’ve been playing around with Linux for about six years now, and distro hop quite frequently, but always found my way back to either Ubuntu, Fedora, or Debian. I’ve been playing around with Manjaro for a bit, and there indeed is just something about it that I like. It’s a very nice, solid distro. I’m looking forward to hanging out here in the forums.

All the best,


Hello all!

I hail from the great state of Texas and have been flirting with Linux for some time. Time and again I’ve threatened to leave W***ows but she held me captive with all of her alledged “connections” and “capability.” I finally had enough and worked up the nerve to ditch W and take the plunge with Linux.

I decided to install Manjaro KDE (hence why I’m here) on a laptop (Toshiba Satellite with an AMD dual core CPU, 4GB RAM, and 500 GB hard drive). So far so great! I’m looking forward and not looking back.

I typically spend some time lurking for a bit to make sure I dont step on toes by rehashing something that may have already been discussed. I’m sure most of the questions I’ll have are not unique and will diligently search out my answers before burdening the group with my elementary challenges.




Welcome from Texas! Also welcome to Manjaro :grinning: I hated windows from the start (1993) and have been looking for alternatives ever since. Finally took the plunge in 1998 and never looked back.



Welcome. Unfortunately you were perhaps premature in getting rid of your Apricity installation.

Apricity’s dev team may be gone, meaning there are no new installation images nor new users, but you didn’t need to nuke the already installed distro on your system as it was mainly made up of packages from Arch repos. Only a tiny proportion of packages came from Apricity’s own repos. A simple check in pamac would have revealed which packages came from which repos.

You could have simply removed the Apricity repo, uninstalled the packages originating from there and if needed, reinstalled equivalent versions found in Arch and AUR.

The key and final step after doing all the above was to remove the installed version of pamac itself because it was from their own repo, and replace that with pamac-aur from AUR.

That leaves you with an installation that continues rolling as a pure Arch distro, but with the layout and look of Apricity.

I know this post is too late to save your Apricity installation, but maybe it will help in future if you ever face a similar situation.

New to the forum

Hi everybody, i’m Damiano from Este (Italy) and i’m a new Manjaro’s distro User! I hope to learn to use it :frowning:


Hi, and welcome to Manjaro!

The Chrome browser comes with built-in widevine/html5 support. Chromium, on the other hand, does not but widevine plugin is easily installed from the repos here.

Happy 'puting!


What a wonderful situation. Don’t blink; don’t even shut your eyes for a second! :smiley:

And welcome to Manjaro! :smiley:



Hello guys, I’m from Brazil and I’ve been using Linux since 2010, but changing between Debian and debian-like distros ( Ubuntu and mint ). It’s my first time using a Arch Linux distro, so far so good.

I am a student of IT analysis, C/C++ and python developer, probably something between beginner to intermediary level. I changed to manjaro because I want to improve my Linux skills and because I’m sick of Ubuntu.

I would like to collaborate with manjaro project, where can I learn that?

Sorry about my poor English. And have a nice day.


Welcome to Manjaro :slight_smile:

Manjaro repository is located here

Manjaro wiki (some information might be outdated)


Thank you, I’ll take a look.


Wow! SO many new faces! :smiley: Welcome and I hope you enjoy Manjaro and the community as much as I do, and may the kernel be with you! :wink: haha


Looks like I’ve still got a lot to learn. Thanks.


I’ve used almost every well known Linux distro for the past 2 years, including Arch, but keep going back to Manjaro KDE. It’s well up to date, but stable for daily use. Arch is also stable enough, but I found out I like a worry-free distro better without the small annoyances Arch gave me.


Hi everyone! I’m Sakib, from Bangladesh…:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Installed Manjaro this afternoon(it’s almost 11 PM here!), and I have Windows 7 installed too. The KDE edition is really great. Before this I’ve used Ubuntu, Linux Mint Cinnamon(loved it! My first major Linux distro that has got me going) and Xubuntu… tried installing Arch, but didn’t work!

So far loving Manjaro! It’s quite fast and smooth and sleek, though takes up much time in booting, and I’m getting a bunch of(9 maybe!) ACPI errors, everything seems to be okay though. I don’t understand the issue here. I guess it has something to do with the kernel I’m on(according to posts in the forum)…

I have my PC specs right there in my profile! It’s running on 8 GB of RAM. I guess KDE is okay for my PC? So far I’m not having any issue, not that I’ve noticed…

Anyway, I’m looking forward to learning a lot more about Linux, troubleshooting with you guys in this forum and community! :blush:


Hi, welcome Sakib.
As to your acpi errors, can you post in a new topic?
This topic is for new members to introduce themselves.
But make yourself at home here.
It is comfortable and warm.




I’m from Bombay, India.

I discovered Linux in 4th grade (~2000) because of a computer instructor who would play around w/ distros in his spare time on this school machine. I finally started using it once I got a laptop w/o Windows in 2010. Have mostly only used Xubuntu, but was always interested in and intimidated by Arch. Installed Arch for the first time some 3 weeks back, and even though I could manage to get a “working” set-up in about 3-4 hours, I was so exhausted by the end of it that I realized it’s a long-time until I’m comfortable w/ something so full-blown DIY. I’ve always had a really stupid reason to stay away from Manjaro because it’s like, no matter how well you drive an automatic, if you can’t drive stick you can’t drive stick. Kind of hypocritical considering I was using Xubuntu. But, I gave the KDE edition a go after finding a quarter-tiling KWin script that I loved [link] and wow. I’m blown away.


Hi All
I Have been playing with computers for quite some time now, starting with the TI99-4A, then proceeded across to Dos, then the beginings of windows. A few in the computer club began a journey with suse and the rest of us windows.
Sorry to bore you all but over the years i have tried linux in many different distros, but it looks like i might be sticking with manjaro. The os loaded with out any hicups and runs well on my intel Q8400 at 2.66ghz, 4g ram nvidia GT710 card and 300gig HD at 7200rpm.
The ony additions i made, i added cairo dock and added conky clock, and used the autumn wallpaper from muser vol2. Many thanks muser for the wallpaper, looks great.