New to the forum, introduce yourself



Hi everybody.
I’ve been playing with Linux since soon after Ubuntu came onto the scene. I can’t remember how I found out about it but once I started to play with it (and “broke” it many MANY times along the way), I fell in love with it. Having grown up with Windows and put up with all of it’s issues, I was excited to find another operating system (asides from Mac OS).
I have been trying the last 5 years or so to completely get rid of Windows and came close, until I found a few (3 or 4) of my favourite games cannot run on Linux. So, when I got my new PC just over a year ago, I put on Manjaro KDE dual booted with a minimal windows 10 install, and I haven’t looked back. I also have Manjaro on my two laptops.
I’ve used forums countless times for help but never been involved in them. Now it’s time I gave back that which I have taken for so long.


Hello Sirs.

I greet you from Argentina.
I have installed Manjaro 2 days ago.

For now I have been able to install all the applications I needed.
And, reading in the forum I was able to install my HP 1102W printer, which took me 1 day to understand pacman and the user repository.

I come from Fedora.
Why Manjaro: When I provided it in a virtual machine it turned out that it consumed less than 1GB of memory and was very fast.


Hi, new to the forum and manjaro.
I’ve been using linux for a number of years and like what I see in manjaro.


Greets from the Netherlands.

I use Linux now for years at the moment.

Use Manjaro for several years and it goes better with every update.
Manjaro has come at a point that its now my primary OS at the moment (used mint for several years but it comes now with limits with no rolling release).
Better support if you have a question or a problem.

Only thing that I encourter is the chrome in Manjaro doesnt have/support the component WidevineCdm.

Manjaro is for me the perfect OS at the moment.


I am an American Ex-Pat who lives in Thailand. I have been mucking around in Linux since 1999, and have been using Manjaro for about 2 weeks. I switched to Manjaro from Ubuntu because I wanted to learn something new, and I liked the idea of a rolling release. I have to say that I am very impressed so far. Manjaro Gnome is very snappy and stable on my four year old Asus G-75VW laptop. Manjaro even detected my Atheros AR-8151 network card properly. Someting Ubuntu and Mint were never able to do!


Well: on Linux since 2001, mainly on RPM-based distros (SuSE since 7.1, then 9.0 to current openSUSE Leap 42.3; and Fedora, 17 to current 26). At some point, decided to keep another foot also in Debian-based “shoes” ((K)Ubuntu, mainly LTS: 10.04 to current 16.04; and a couple of sporadic experiments with Debian “the-real-thing” :smiling_imp: ), mainly because I’m curious and constantly searching…

Two days ago, I’ve finally decided to give Manjaro (Arch) a try, after reading a very good review linked through DistroWatch. I’m tinkering (in a virtual machine, managed in Fedora 26 through VMware) with Manjaro 17.0.2 XFCE.

What can I say? I’m in love… :sunglasses:


Are you brave enough to go for Manajro and run Fedora in the VM?


Hello All,

I am a longtime (yet barely functioning) linux user. I have been using Ubuntu since about 2007 full time but have recently made the switch to Manjaro. I am very happy O.S so far and am slowly learning the basics like pacman.

I have deepin on a 60 gig partition and now lxde on a 440 gig partition.


Why not simply install multiple desktops and switch between them when you feel like it (I started with KDE but now mainly run Cinnamon. When I feel like it I can switch to XFCE, Mate and Gnome by just logging out and selecting another DE on logging in. )


For testing, it’s better do install several times with different partitions or using virtual machine than installing all the DE/WM on the same install, cause sometimes 2 different DE using the same framework but in different versions can cause a conflict in both DE.



Hi! I am from Poland :poland: :, currently studying IT at technical institute, during my summer practices in corporation I was introduced to more “service” side of GNU/Linux and realised that it gives much more opportunities than Windows in functionality and customization, blah, blah, blah, you name it and I’ve been looking for perfect desktop distribution that would satisfy me. So I did a LOT OF virtuall machines in Hyper-V (I think first was Debian Jessie [actually two of them], then CentOS, Arch [how glorious], Kali [for Penetration Testing]) and finally come accross two of the most promising desktop, noob friendly distros that are constantly updated. That was openSUSE Tumbleweed and Manjaro. I really liked packet manager pacman from Arch and liked concept of shared AUR so I first created virtual machine with Manjaro. I instantly loved it! How fast it worked, packet management, overall performance that I didn’t even tried SUSE (I will for sure some day) and decided to install it on my dorm pc. First I wanted to install KDE Plasma but there were some problems during installation so needed to switch to GNOME and it’s ok for now. After installation I’ve came accross some GRUB problems, but guys at forum helped me to resolve it. Now I’m happy user of Manjaro and I hope I will stay for long :smiley:. Cheers!


Hi Im Danny (robotically known as hm11) I’m an artist, a Linux enthusiast, and somewhat of a nutjob. I make music and post it via youtube,facebook, and ttwitter but sometimes I make gaming videos and Linux centric videos as well. I’m friendly, respectful, and try to be helpful whenever i can. I’m very exited to form part of this forum let us make Linux great!!

I used to be a heavy windows “power” user I used to use my windows machine to game, produce music and video, watch movies/shows, & etc it was my main machine for everything. I am also very privacy centric (if that make sence) and i started looking at linux back when ubuntu was at like 8.4/10 (I dont remember well) i remember i tried it and i liked it because it was new but practically it wasnt of use to me due to incompatabilities. As the years pass I started disliking the fact that there might be ways I was being “spied” on, I disliked the fact that i couldnt really customize my system to what I wanted to (stuck on same desktop type), and i did not liked the fact that I was basically forced to upgrade/update my machine regularly because every once in while i was faced with 300+ updates and there was a chance things would break -_- , so I said screw it! I’m switching to Linux (this was in 2013?) so i began searching and manjaro became the clear choice for my uses and i decided to form a small partition to just try it out, get familiar, and eventually switch.Its 2017 and now Im a fulltime Linux user running plain archlinux. In it i produce music & video, I game and play arround 70-80 percent of my windows only games, I use my pc as an httpc & to administer other pcs… The things ive learned are awesome! and i couldnt have accomplish those things if it werent for places like this where people are being helped :smiley:

BTW: sorry for the essay lol


Interesting how you’ve grown into linux (a bit like me), but I am not sure about whether you use plain Arch or Manjaro nowadays?


Hello, I’m new here, I’ve been using Manjaro just recently, and I think it’s amazing!
I’m a beginner using Linux distros too. I’ve used Linux a bit (Ubuntu).
I’d like to learn more about Linux and hopefully some day stop using Windows!


From the US (Texas), long time Linux user - started in 1998. Used free, commercial, Unix, and a bunch of DE’s and WM’s. Love Linux but truth be told if FreeBSD were a bit more desktop friendly, I would be using that instead. Linux is MUCH easier on the desktop, IMHO. Came to Manjaro after many years of hopping. The only distros I have used for any length of time have been Gentoo, Crux and Debian. The older I get the less I want to tweak but I still like a distro that lets me lift the hood and play around; Manjaro lets me do that a bit but still pretty much works out of the box. I like the fact it uses the Nvidia driver at the point of booting the installer. Most distros don’t and having just got new video hardware which is not Nouveau friendly, having the correct resolution over display port is critical to me.

I also like the fact Manjaro is pretty minimal in terms of installed software. Keeping it light is good, even though I am using a “heavy” desktop. My workstation is a beast and there isn’t much that can slow it down so I can get away with running Gnome.

Impressed with this distro - works out of the box, nice installer, good looking theme choices, lots of software to choose from. Good job Manjaro team!


Hello to Everyone out there. Well I originally come from Sidux. Although I have used opensuse and Ubuntu flavor here or there. Though out of linux first was always debian based distro’s. After finally trying Manjaro it become my favorite daily driver. It is on my main desktop at my home love the ride so far. Everyone is super nice here and we have great community to boot. So here to Manjaro the one I am sticking with.


Hello! (Special hello to Ubuntu forum users, I see a few around :upside_down_face: ) I started using Manjaro around a week ago, really enjoying it so far.

Ubuntu (Unity) has been my main OS for several years, and taught me to love Linux. Recently the decision by Canonical to ‘abandon’ Unity inspired me to try out some new DEs. Although I’d been pretty sure I’d stick with Unity in the long run (and am hopeful about its future as a community run enterprise), I found I liked XFCE a lot for its customisation possibilities and used that happily for a while.

During this time, I kept seeing good things written about Manjaro. It interested me especially because although I am comfortable in the terminal and enjoy a bit of tinkering, I am not (yet :stuck_out_tongue: ) an expert, and Arch is out of my league right now. Manjaro seemed like a good way to explore a different branch of Linux in an easy way.

It is that! I tried out a few flavours then fell in love with Cinnamon. Now triple booting (Ubuntu 16.04, Windows 10) on my venerable Dell XPS l502x. The installation was a breeze, hardware works perfectly and the system is a pleasure to use. I borked the system a couple of times at the beginning which was quite funny (don’t delete the Avahi stuff :wink:), now I’ve got that out of the way I’m looking forward to doing it again…


Hello community.

Several years ago my local ISP ran a special, if you upgraded to something like the 3mbps DSL they would throw in a fancy new Dell netbook with either Windows or Ubuntu. I did and chose Linux and that pretty much got me started with Linux anyway. It was short lived because I happend to be one of those people who cannot leave well enough alone and have to tinker until I break something. So I borke it badly and had no idea how to fix it and neither did any one else I knew. So my intro to Linux was cool and fancy on my awesome netbook but short lived unfortunately.

A year or so ago I decided to try my hand at it again and started using Apricity which I liked very much. I was dual booting Linux and Windows at the time and liked it so much that I tossed everything else in favor of Apricity. Plus the Apricity logo was really cool. Unfortunately that distro is now dead :frowning: I then discovered Mint and ran dual Apricity and Mint for a while until Apricity finally died and I found Manjaro. I liked Manjaro from the begining. I like Pacman. I was familiar with Pacman from my previous devastating defeat at installinal Arch ( I will have my revenge). I’ve stuck with it, lurked in the forums for sometime and finally today decided to create an account and maybe get some help with my Arch install that I’ve been messing with lately as well as get some clarification on some issues.

I am building a 3d printer from scratch with some of my students and we are powering it with Linux CNC (Debian based). So I get plenty of Debian time at work. Linux CNC seems to be playing nicely with my Smoothieboard at this time wich makes me happy. At home now I am using Manjaro only although I have started trying to install Arch again. It’s so damn simple but so damn frustrating…arghh

The thing that I’ve loved about Linux in general is the community, not saying everone is nice and cool, I’ve seen some D-bags but overall it’s a pretty neat community and I like to feel a part of it.

Other than that I’ve got a lot of kids, many students (secondary and post secondary,) one wife for now, 3 dogs, and 2 cats, a messy house, dirty car, and all the love and contentment a fellow could ask for.


Hi I am new to Manjaro but not to Linux having over 10 years experience. I have mostly been an openSUSE Linuxer until recently when I fancied a fresh start and something different. Manjaro seems to fit the bill so here I am and I must say I am really impressed with the polish and stability.

I am not always one with many words but I hope to join in as best I can with this community.



I’m from California, USA. I fried (and repaired) my first computer in the early 90’s and have loved computing since. I’ve used various Linux distributions since the early 2000’s: FreeBSD, Debian, Red Hat, CentOS, Ubuntu… and now Manjaro. I love computing and how it can help us achieve more. Hopefully, I can find a resource and be a resource here on the forums.

See you soon,